Wednesday, September 30, 2015

[W Singapore Hotel] Splash & Dash F1 Themed Pool Party -

Every September annually in Singapore, the whole island will be focusing on the night race, the Formula One (F1) Singapore Grand Prix.

Many parties with F1 theme were lined up to celebrate the special occasion.

All thanks to Geraldine, we had the pleasure to attend the Exclusive Splash & Dash F1 Themed Pool Party. With the invite, we gained access to the Wet Bar and the pool at W Singapore Hotel, Sentosa Cove.

We indulged ourselves with pizza and drink at the pool party. We spent our lazed afternoon at the pool party by chatting, swimming and even selfie-ing. 

Our afternoon was well spent with my peers and we enjoyed the music spun by Grammy Award Winning Duo, Dirty Vegas.

I end my post with random gifts received from colleagues who just came back from their holidays.

I received a tin of tea leaves and Innisfree Mask from Chloe who went to Shanghai for holiday.

Thanks my favorite girl, Joanne who just came back from BKK, Thailand, as she got me load of pressies from her shopping trip.

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