Saturday, September 26, 2015

My weekend getaway to PJ, Selangor, Malaysia

We drove up to KL again for a short holiday during the election period, and upon reaching Subang Jaya, we were shocked by the severity of the haze in KL, Terrible! We put our belongings in our KL house and rested a while before joining Vi-Vien, Shelley and the rest for dinner. Vi-Vien brought us to a food gem which was located at Hulu Langat, Selangor. It was pretty much an adventure for us as the road was bumpy, winding and not to say the least, narrow as well! The whole journey took us an hour, and when we reached there, the sky started to turn dark.

Despite having no reservations made in advance, we still managed to get a table, and we were situated on the wooden plank above the large pond, which was full and brimming with fish.

I love the Tom Yam Soup as it tasted flavorfuL.

We ordered BBQ Cockles and I was surprised by the size of the cockles, as they looked way bigger as compared to those I saw in Singapore.

We had Pandan Chicken and each bite of the chicken meat burst out with a flavorful aroma.

Seasonal Green in Sambal Chili

Thai Fish Cake

Chicken Feet Salad

Mango Salad

My favorite dish of the night had to be the Steamed Tilapia which was served in Thai Lemon Sauce. The fish was fresh, and the gravy was really appetising too. We had Grilled Squid as well.

We ended our meal with classic Thai desserts, Mango Sticky Rice and Kram Krim Krob (red rubies) I had a good dining experience at Fish Farm Thai Restaurant, and the damage was RM300-ish for 6 people (inclusive of rice and drinks) which was pretty affordable in comparison to the amount of food we ordered! 

My makan journey cannot be completed without having a meal in FullHouse which is located in Sunway Pyramid, Subang Jaya.

It always has a nice setting, friendly service, and is a cozy dining place. The damage is affordable.

Baby had Pesto Fettucine. 

I ordered FullHouse Pasta which looked akin to the pasta I had at Miam Miam in Singapore, Bugis Junction. The portion was smaller to those served in Miam Miam. I prefer FullHouse Pasta as it tasted more flavorful as compared to what I had in Miam Miam.

We shared a yummy dessert, Apple Crumble with ice-cream, and it tasted as good as it look. 

The damage was RM87 with a pot of Lemongrass Ginger & Critus Tea. We shared the tea as hot water was refillable.

I end my post with my Sunday brunch (tim sum galore) in Puchong.

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