Tuesday, September 1, 2015

[Japan Holiday] Luida's Bar - Dragon Quest World + Pomme no Ki + Genki Sushi + Kotobukiya

Harajuku might be everybody's favorite place for shopping as you can find many fashionable shops, but I am more keen to visit the many interesting cafes as I hardly shop there, due to tourist trap prices. My favorite shopping places in Tokyo are Sangenjaya, Nakano Broadway and Asagaya.

The main reason for me to travel to Harajuku every time I am visiting Tokyo, is to go the flagship Daiso store in Takeshite, the main street of Harajuku, which I love dearly. It is the biggest store in Tokyo, which boasts about 4-storey worth of goods, and I always get Coco's pet snacks/treats here. She loves the treats very much.



Colorful Rebellion 'Octopus' is the 'CUTE CUBE' symbol!

Lunch time! We came across an interesting café, Pomme no Ki which is located at 'CUTE CUBE' on Takeshite Street. They specialise in Omurice and offer various types of Omurice.

I love the setting of the eatery place very much.




We ordered a kawaii Omurice set each that come with a cup of soup. To our surprise, we were also given another new cute cup as a gift from the set meal!


I love the fluffy omelette rice! The Japanese really have a knack for making everything look good and cute!

We ended our meal with kawaii desserts!

At night after our random dinner, we went to Luida's Bar at Roppongi. The bar's capacity is pretty narrow and small (standing room only).


You can find themed drinks and quick snack like buns which were modelled after the cute slimes from the game 'Dragon Quest' that they are famous for.

We love the classic Dragon Quest decor, and the standing bar was recreated to match Luida's Bar image and likeness within the Dragon Quest game!. You can find various shields, crests, weapons and other related decorations that makes you feel as if you are in the Dragon Quest World Bar.

If you a big fan of Dragon Quest, then you must visit Dragon Quest's World inspired Luida's Bar.


Lastly, do visit Genki Sushi if you are looking for a budget meal in Tokyo.


Located a short walking distant from the popular Shibuya JR Station, Genki Sushi offers fresh and delicious sushi at an affordable price! I love kaiten sushi (sushi that is served on a conveyer belt) and Genki Sushi filled my stomach at a cheap damage.


What I loved best about Japan's Genki Sushi is the ordering my own sushi via a touch screen! This is similar to the one opened in Singapore, but in Japan, you can actually choose to get your sushi without wasabi as an option! Most of the sushi(s) were charged at a price of ¥105 (SGD1.15), while other places were priced are ¥150 (SGD1.60).


Next time, if you are in Shibuya, take a rest at Genki Sushi.

I end my post with pictures of an awesome collaboration between Hello Kitty and Kotobukiya till the 30th of August 2015). Not surprisingly, I had to be part of the Hello Kitty's craze, and I picked some of their premiums at Kotobukiya which is located at Akihabara.

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