Thursday, September 3, 2015

[only on Lifetime] Inaugural Asian Edition of MasterChef - MasterChef Asia

Lifetime brings together 15 aspiring home-cooks from across Asia for the first ever season of this pan-regional, English version of MasterChef Asia.
 The judge panel consists of 3 judges. The first, Food Entrepreneur, Ms Audra Morrice, is a singapore-born lady who was a formal finalist of MasterChef Australia. The second judge is Bruno Menard from France, and is a renowned 3-Michelin-Star Chef. The last judge is a Hong Kong-born Culinary Genius, Susur Lee.


Some highlights of the show
In MasterChef Asia, there will be 15 episodes, where the final episode will culminate in one home-cook winning the title of the first ever MasterChef Asia.
The premiere of MasterChef Asia begins with the arrival of 15 of the best home cooks in the region. Meet the competition judges, Ms Audra Morrice, Mr Susur Lee and Mr Bruno Menard.
In episode 2, MasterChef Asia's first offsite challenge will be set at the Singapore Flyer. The contestants will be divided into 2 groups to serve up to 5 different types of canapés to 80 VIP guests on Asia's largest observation platform.
In episode 4, the challenge will be set at Singapore's most famous hawker centre, Lau Pa Sat. The remaining contestants will be divided into 3 teams to man their stall and prepare one of the main ethnic cuisines of Singapore - Chinese, Malay and Indian. They need to capture as many votes as possible from the public.
I was glad to attend the MasterChef Asia Meet & Greet Session which was held at NEX with my fellow blogger mates.
  The mock-up iconic MasterChef Kitchen was pretty impressive though the scale was way smaller than compared to the actual cooking show.
 I love the setting very much, as it looked like I was stepping into the iconic MasterChef Kitchen, and everything looked so familiar to me as I am a die-hard fan of MasterChef. 
At the event, I met up with the 3 MasterChef Asia's judges, as well as with the 3 Singapore individuals who will be representing Singapore! They are Woo Wai Leong, Sandrian Tan and Lennard Yeong.
During the Meet & Greet session, there was a Mystery Box Challenge that led to a 30min pressure test for the 3 Singapore representatives. Sandrian Tan, a Thai-Chinese parentage homemaker won the pressure test. She impressed the judges with her cooking as well as her preparation of food methods.
Among all the challenges in MasterChef series, I love the famous Mystery Box Challenge best.
Thanks for the special arrangement, we got a group photos with the judges.

My friends and I took many random photos at the event as we love the mock up MasterChef Kitchen very much.
Do not miss the inaugural Asian Edition of MasterChef - MasterChef Asia which will be premiering on Lifetime on the 3rd September 2015, StarHub TV Channel 514, at 9pm.

Thanks for the invite and I truly enjoyed myself at the Meet n Greet Session!

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