Saturday, September 5, 2015

[Jess Baby's space] JPot + XiMenDing

Yay! I have completed my Hello Kitty SG50 Collection. Baby got me the Samsui Woman plush toy, which concluded the entire collection.

This is the cutest plush toy among all, and thanks Baby, for getting that for me. in addition , I appreciate loads that you helped me complete the collection despite being very healthy/diet conscious!

Claressa's birthday was on August, and I met up with her for a dinner gathering at VivoCity. We settled at XiMenDing restaurant and Baby joined in for the dinner too.
Both the Xue Cai Tofu and Radish (Cai Poh) Egg Pancake tasted pretty good.
Baby ordered Clam Soup which I think, was a regretful choice as the serving is extremely puny for the damage spent!
The food-wise was pretty alright as a whole but the serving portion was too small for 3 people to share. The total damage is too steep for such a small portion, and I think the restaurant should increase the size of the food portion, or I do not think I will come back again.

August has marked our 7th Anniversary of being together, and Baby brought me to JPot, a new concept dining by Jumbo Seafood which opened recently at VivoCity. It offers hotpot dining with a Singapore twist.
I love the condiment bar very much where they offer a wide variety of dipping sauces and spices which cater to Singapore taste-buds. I enjoyed my hotpot dining although we were only given an hour to complete our dinner due to the amount of people wanting to eat here!

Linda brought me some snacks from Marks & Spencer during her trip to London. She also gave me a trial pack of Meiji Collagen to try out. Thanks ya!

Lastly, I end my post with my OOTD!
Outer wear - Scape Singapore
Maroon top - Asagaya, Tokyo, Japan
Black skorts - Asagaya, Tokyo, Japan
Platform shoes - I.T Clothing Store
Sling bag - Steve Madden

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