Thursday, November 19, 2015

[food review] Pie-Tastic Christmas @ Pies & Coffee

I am looking forward to this Christmas Jubilee as Pies & Coffee will tantalise our taste buds with mouth-watering creations of the upcoming Yuletide feast.

The Shepherd's Black Pepper Chicken Pie is perfectly stewed with chicken chunks, carrots celery, red/green pepper, onions and potatoes in a gorgeous black pepper sauce.

If you love beef, there is another version, Shepherd's Minced Beef Pie. I enjoyed it very much as it complemented pretty well with the crispy crust.

The hero of any Yuletide's feast has got to be the glorious Christmas Turkey Pie. It features grilled garlic turkey, turkey ham, turkey bacon, figs, orange peel, chopped walnuts and spices which are then harmoniously simmered in a pumpkin cream sauce.

It is a savoury pie that will simply lift up your spirit of love this Christmas festive season.

Grinch's Smoked Salmon & Spinach Quiche is a quiche with a rich aroma that has healthy treats of spinach and generous smoked salmon that will definitely leave you asking for more.

The Classic Fruitcake is a MUST for Christmas as it is the classic Christmas tale of fruit symphony which contains figs, almonds, prunes, orange peels, cherries and sultana toppings.

Christmas Rhapsody is one of a kindsthat is full of flavors of Asia! Hand-whipped pandan custard spread across a subtle gula melaka sponge cake that is then rolled together with soft-boiled azuki beans as well as nata de coco.

Choco-Holly Chocolate is a perfect dessert for chocolate lovers! A creation of chocolate hazelnut mousse is layered on top of the homemade pistachio butter cream. It is a perfect indulgence to reward yourself this Christmas!

A lovely timeless favorite, Festive Eggless Chocolate Loaf with Peanut Butter smacks you right into the moods of Christmas!

Savor artisanal cookies that are handcrafted with a twist of innovation and made of premium ingredients and no added preservatives.

Frosty Mini Stollen Cookies are chocolate-flavored cookies studded with an array of mixed fruits. Tinsel's Toffee Coffee Cookies are buttery cookies with aromatic coffee and toffee chips. Noel's Granny Oats Cookies are all-time comfort cookies with flavors of cinnamon, oats and walnuts baked in a butter-cookie base.

If you are interested in ordering the cakes, pies or even the cookies for this festive season, do refer below for the mire details/pricing.

I had an enjoyable experience at Pies & Coffee, and thanks for the lovely invite!

Ho Ho Ho! Have a Pie-Tastic Christmas and a Ha-Pie New Year! Enjoy the magical spirit of Christmas with Pies & Coffee.

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