Friday, November 20, 2015

[launch event] d'skin and Shou Slimming at The Seletar Mall

A big congratulation to d'skin and Shou Slimming Centre for their newest outlet that has opened at The Seletar Mall.
This is the 4th outlet opened by d'skin and also marks their the launch of their new revolutionary whitening range, MiraWhite. The comprehensive range of products, coupled with a new facial treatment - D.C.M Revitalizing Skin Treatment will promise clearer skin, a brighter complexion, a 20% increase in clarity and will add further radiance to the skin.

All products from d'skin are formulated in Japan.
D.C.M Revitalizing Skin Treatment helps to reduce pigmentation, stimulate elastin and collagen, as well as to smooth out the uneven skin tones and promotes skin firming and tightening. With the usage of the MiraWhite product range, it will help one to achieve better results in just 7 days.

The MiraWhite product range is specially formulated for delicate Asian skin. It is a high performance treatment formula to effectively control and prevent factors that normally cause uneven skin tones, pigmentation and aging issues. It also hydrates, nourish, reduce fine lines and lastly, rejuvenates the skin. It also delivers a brighter skin tone and enhanced clarity, thus brown spots, freckles and discoloration will be lighter and minimised.

There are 4 key products - Rapid Re-surfacing (Smoothing Exfoliator), MelaClear (Brightening Day Moisturiser), Anti-Melaine Spot Corrector (Whitening Spot Treatment) and lastly GloDynamic (Intensive Night Moisturiser). It is suitable for all skin types.

The most amazing product that I experienced during the launch was the Collagen Silk as it looked like a tiny white snow ball. It is designed to repair damage done to skin's collagen, and also helps to lift/firms up skin effectively. Apart from repairing, it also helps to delay skin aging!


Upon reaching the premises, we were treated to a cup of rice aroma Coffee Svelte, which claims to shed some weight in an easy way. I am glad that we were given 5 sachets to try out at the end of the event.
Shou Slimming Centre also celebrated their launch of the 3rd outlet at The Seletar Mall with their latest Fat Buster Treatment. It promises to accelerate muscle activation and increase metabolism to help weight loss and ultimately obtain a perfect body shape of one's desire.
The benefits of this treatment will helps to improve blood circulation and facilitates the balance of salts and water in the body by eliminating excessive water in fats. Shou Slimming practices body slimming through the use of safe and natural treatments to remove stubborn fats effectively in a painless manner.
Thanks d'skin for the invite and I look forward to trying the facial treatment soon!

I received the De-pigmentation Cream as a door gift. It is an ideal custom-blended solution to achieve brighter and evenly balanced skin tone which targets skin pigmentation by fading the spots. It also helps to protect skin for free radical damages and promotes collagen production for added radiance moisture and smoothness.

I love Coffee Svelte!
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