Friday, November 13, 2015

[RWS] Gala Premiere of the Return of the Cuckoo

I have always loved to watch Hong Kong TVB dramas and serials since I am a teenager, and I remembered being hooked on a particular series named 澳门街, which starred Julian Cheung and Charmaine Sheh. I am glad that the sequel was released on the big screen instead of being made into a new drama series.

Return of the Cuckoo is based on the well-loved HKG drama of the same name, which was broadcasted way back in 2000. The movie continues the story from where the drama left off.
I was glad to be invited by Clover Films to attend the Red Carpet Session as well as the Gala Premiere of the Return of the Cuckoo. The Red Carpet was held at Resorts World Sentosa (RWS), and I was happy to be able to see Julian Cheung and Charmaine Sheh 'LIVE' in person.

Return of the Cuckoo tells the tale of the endearing story of Man Cho (Julian Cheung) who has been a mute since young, and Kwan Ho (Charmaine Sheh). This drama also features Nancy Sit, Steven Ma and Michael Tong. 

In the original drama, the series ended with Kwan Ho being married to Szto Lai-Sun. However, In the movie, Return of the Cuckoo takes place after Lai-Sun's untimely death, with Kwan Ho returning back to her hometown. She meets up Man Cho again and their shared memories and romance re-ignites.

I remembered disliking Steven Ma after the end of the drama as he separated them (Man Cho and Kwan Ho). Not letting the protagonists to end up being together brought much hurt and displeasure to the viewers at the end of the drama.

To be honest, upon entering the theatre, I was worrying about the chemistry between the two main leads, although they did have amazing chemistry back then. It has been more than a decade since the drama ended. After watching the movie, all I can say that there is still chemistry between them but perhaps not as strong as before.

In the film, Charmaine has lost much of her weight and I miss her soft chubby cheeks! I suppose it does in line with her current age, but I still preferred her short, chic hairstyle back then, as compared to her current hairstyle in the new movie.

I love the theme song sung by Julian Cheung, and the title of the song refers to the name of the female lead, Chuk Kwan Ho which literally means Wishing Kwan Well.
Fans of Return of the Cuckoo should not miss it. Thanks for the invite, as I had a nostalgic night watching this movie.

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