Tuesday, November 3, 2015

[Media Call / Singapore's Premiere] Cirque du Soleil TOTEM

After a hiatus of being away from Singapore for about a decade, Cirque du Soleil finally returns back to Singapore on the 28th of October, 2015. TOTEM is a fascinating acrobatic journey into the evolution of mankind, and it is a collection of spectacular acrobatic feats in an uplifting array of comedy, soul-touching theatrics and cutting-edge digital effects. It is a performance that will thrill the audiences at all ages.

Every Cirque du Soleil's show is based on a particular theme, and for 'TOTEM', it is a story of 'man's' roots from ape-like ancestors to the modern day human, and this is done through a perfect real-life performance! It is the 4th instalment staged under a huge blue-and-yellow tent which is now at the Bayfront Avenue, next to Marina Bay Sands.

M1 is the presenting sponsor who first introduced to Singaporean the fascinating world of Cirque du Soleil, from the themes of 'Saltimbanco' in 2000, 'Alegria' in 2002 and 'Quidam' in 2005!

The opening act was on a bar frame shaped like a turtle-shell shaped Carapace.

Throughout the show, I enjoyed the 7-foot high unicycles the most, as it was amazing the way they did was impossible stunts by tossing around the metallic bowls while maintaining balance! Without spoiling too much, I would say this performance received the most enthusiastic rounds of applause.

I was pretty amazed as well by one of the props, the epic 'Scorpion Bridge' which later became a mock speedboat for the clowns! Additionally, I enjoyed the way videos were projected onto the stage and was used to create many visual effects. Very beautiful indeed!

The other act which I really enjoyed were the troupe of acrobats as they showcased their agility and skills in in using trampoline like balance bars for multiple mid-air somersaults!

I had the great pleasure to enter the Big Top tent to catch Cirque du Soleil all thanks to Base Entertainment Asia! Thanks for the invite to the Media Call, as well as for the invite to Singapore's Premiere of Cirque du Soleil. 

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