Saturday, November 7, 2015

Hayden's 3 + cafe-hopping: RoyceMary Café

My naughty yet adorable nephew turned 3 in October this year. Lately, he developed a passion towards music and he loves to impersonate singers when they are singing.

His birthday celebration was thrown at Krazy Salad which is located at Toa Payoh Central. It was a cozy mini birthday celebration and only some close friends and family members were invited to the party.
He has a soft spot for the famous Korean character - Pororo, The Little Penguin. Most of his necessities such as water bottles, eating utensils and even his piggy bank features this character! In short, he is a loyal supporter of Pororo.
Hayden was very happy that day as he knew that it was his birthday. Oh well, he is a big boy now, and he knows what is happening around him, I suppose.
The goodies bags for the kids were perfectly prepared. 

I love the mini cupcakes featuring Pororo as his birthday cake.

Family photo with the birthday boy! 

Happy Birthday Hayden! Stay happy and healthy always.
Baby and I discovered a new cafe, RoyceMary Café which is located opposite Sembawang Shopping Centre, and I liked the simply yet cozy setting of the café.

We ordered a few things to share between us. We had Walnut Banana Muffin, Raisin Danish and Chocolate Temptation Waffle.

The Rose Macaron came free with every SGD30 spent.
The damage was SGD33-ish. I think it was pretty pricey as we can easily find a cheaper café anywhere in Singapore. Furthermore, we were only allowed to re-fill tea once! Oh dear.
Though I would like to visit this café. again but the price doesn't justify the distance from where I stay. Do consider to lower down the prices or at least match up the prices with other cafés.

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