Wednesday, November 18, 2015

[KL Weekend Getaway] Iberico Kitchen + Ashley's by Living Food + Canton-I

Weekend has always been fun for RKM, and this time, we drove up to KL again on a Friday night. Shopping and Malan-ing is what we do every time we are in KL.
Uncle Mike brought us to a very nice place on a Saturday night for dinner. Iberico Kitchen is located at Oasis Square, Ara Damansara, and they are famous for Black Pig Spare Ribs.
The setting was simple, and the spacious eatery place was pretty plain without much emphasis placed on he interior design. It bears an industrial theme with rustic wood, bricks and steel all over the place. It has an open-concept kitchen with a choice for alfresco or indoor dining.

We had Iberico Pork Chop which was served with mashed potato and seasonal Ggeens. It was pretty delicious! The meat was pretty lean, but to our surprise it remained juicy. All I can say is, best pork chop ever!
We ordered Iberico Collar Fried Rice and it tasted amazing. The fried rice was well seasoned with a nice aroma. It was served with dried sambal, seasonal greens and topped with a fried egg. 

Next came the main course, in which we had a choice of either the signature Iberico Original Ribs, or   Honey-glazed! Luckily, I was fortunate enough to try both! Preferably, I liked the Honey-glazed Spare Ribs best, as each rib is well-marinated and perfectly caramelised with honey. The ribs were irresistible indeed!
All I can say that the ribs served in Iberico Kitchen are absolutely 'to die for'. The meat simply melted in my mouth and tasted divine. Both Baby and I enjoyed it to the bits. 

It is definitely a gem for all pork lovers, and if you fancy eating pork, then do not give this place a miss!
My last visit to Canton-I was way back to 2009 at Ion Orchard, which was since been permanently closed. Since my last visit in 2009, I banned this eatery place as the damage was too hefty. I remembered, I paid SGD43 for 5 dim sum items and a pot of tea.
Since, we were at Sunway Pyramid for shopping, so we decided to make use of the good exchange rate to treat ourselves at Canton-I for lunch. We ordered 7 dim sum items and a pot of tea and it only cost us RM88 (SGD29). OMG! That was cheap lah! Oh well, the exchange rate did a big help too!


I end my post with my visit to Ashley's by Living Food which is located at KL's trendy Bangsar, where it was nestled along the lovely cafes and shops.

Baby had a Japanese premium beer while I ordered a fresh fruit cooler, 'REVIVE' which turned out taste like a smoothie instead. Apart from the thick texture, this wholesome fresh drink is packed with nourishing flavors and fibres.

Last but not least, I pampered myself with this elegant gold plated multi-color crystal beads wishing bottle necklace, which I picked up from Summit USJ Shopping Mall, and it cost me RM25 (SGD8).

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