Friday, November 27, 2015

[night out] SKECHERS Sundown Festival 2015

I was invited by The Red Planet to the biggest and coolest Asian Music Festival, the 'SKECHERS Sundown Festival 2015, Let's Rock'. This event was held at the Marina Promenade (F1 Pit Building). 


SKECHERS Sundown Festival featured artistes from all over Asia, and I was glad to be part of this music festival with a pair of CAT.1 tickets, so I called upon Sweetie to join me to the event.


Special guests from Taiwan, 'Ground Zero' was also back in Singapore at the SKECHERS Sundown Festival as part of their regional tour which had a stop in Singapore. They performed latest songs during the music festival which I quite enjoyed.

It was a brilliant performance by Ground Zero, kudos to them as they believe in taking the energy in life and turning it into powerful music notes that inspire audiences with a positive attitude towards life.

INKT from Japan! Those guys are truly rockers. A great JRock group indeed!

Finally, my favorite group from Thailand was up on stage. Little do you guys know, I am a huge closet Thai-Pop/Music fan.

I was introduced to this Thai Rock Band, 'POTATO' by a friend way back in 2009. I was attracted by their smash hit - 'Rak Thae Do Lae Mai Dai', and since then, I started to follow closely on their new releases. Upon hearing that they are one of the artistes performing at the SKECHERS Sundown Festival this year, I was on cloud nine!

I almost went crazy when they performed their popular hit, 'Tur Young'.

Enjoy the MV of Tur Young (Do you still…) with Eng Sub.

I had a blast with my friends all thanks to The Red Planet. It was a wild night and we indulged ourselves with awesome songs and a wonderful performance by the artistes who performed at the music festival.

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