Saturday, February 27, 2016

[2D1N weekend getaway] Outing with the girls...

A long-planned outing with the girls to JB was finally fulfilled on a random weekend. Baby joined us too as he took charge to ensure that our shopping/makan desires were fulfilled.

Baby drove in to our favorite town, Taman Mount Austin which is located at Jalan Kota Tinggi, Johor Bahru upon clearing customs. Upon reaching, we checked in to Hotel Austin Paradise. The room was fairly small yet cozy and was well equipped with essential amenities.

We headed down to 'Auntie Lim' for our late afternoon/or maybe some would say, an early dinner!
We ordered 2 portions of my personal favorite side snack, Chives Pancakes with Spicy Dipping Black Sauce! Each slice tasted awesome, was crispy and very addictive! In addition, each of us ordered a main course + a drink, and the damage of the meal was RM90 (SGD30-ish), which was equivalent to about SGD6-ish per person. So cheap!

Our main agenda for this trip was to satisfy our craving of singing to our heart's contents. As fate world have it, we came upon a very nifty and new Karaoke, the 'DeCast Karaoke'! The setting and premises of the place was very classy, and each floor had an unique theme.


The damage was super affordable as we paid a total of RM110-ish (SGD36+) for 5 people for a 3-hour session of singing + food and an unlimited flow of drinks. We were stunned by the amount each of us had to pay, as there was no chance the price would be this cheap in Singapore. You couldn't even pay for an hour in Singapore for what I paid here!
We went for supper after our singing session, and had Roti Canai, which is what prata is called in Malaysia!


The next day, we had our lunch before heading back to Singapore to avoid the usual congestions and jams which are commonplace nowadays on the causeway. We settled at Ichiban Ramen which is located at Aeon Tebrau City.

I bought a pair of skorts at RM15 and a flowery top from Padini at only RM25. Apart from that, I went to new shop, KIO-DA, a Korean Concept Lifestyle Store. In addition, I also picked up a facial mask which only cost me RM3, as well as some hair accessories.
I enjoyed my 2D1N weekend getaway with my favorite girls and my lovable Baby. I am glad that the girls enjoyed their stay in JB, and I am looking forward to the next one soon!
Inexpensive shopping/makan are what we like best!

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