Friday, February 5, 2016

[RWS] Gala Premiere of Let's Eat

A few days ago, I was invited by Clover Films to the Red Carpet session and Gala Premiere of the movie 'Let's Eat', which is premiering on the 5th of February, 2016. The premiere date of 'Let's Eat' is set 2 days before the eve of CNY, which will gives big more choices and selections for the upcoming CNY line-up movies to viewers!

Well-known Singaporean comedians, Henry Thia, Mark Lee, and as well as Fiona Sit, actress-singer from Hong Kong appear as cameos in the movie.

'Let's Eat' is directed by Asia's most popular comedian, Chapman To, and the movie plot is about the Ah Yong Café, a reputable café which is famous for their Hainanese Chicken Rice which has been drawing a regular crowd for years. The owner, Ah Yong, (played by Lo Hai Peng) decided to retire due to signs of dementia, so he has entrusted his Café to his apprentice, Dai Hung (starring Chapman To), as well as his eldest daughter, Rosemary (played by Aimee Chan) who has just returned from overseas.
When Rosemary takes charge over the Café, she alienates the old crowd of customers by introducing the latest food trends. in order to appeal a younger fan base/crowd. She also uses lower-grade ingredients on operating costs, and these actions infuriate Dai Hung, a Head Chef with strong traditional principles and values, who firmly believes only the finest quality ingredients should be used. They become loggerheads with each other due to this, and can't get along!
However, harsh food critic reviews online on social media platforms subsequently appear and customers stop coming to the café! In order to save the reputation of the café, Rosemary and Dai Hung put aside their differences to work together to achieve success.

Although the movie is cliché, it is still rather entertaining too! I personally felt that the movie would have been better if they had retained their original Cantonese dialect and dialogue. The mandarin dubbing was terrible! Although 'Let's Eat' is not the best CNY movie so far, it is a sincere piece of work which is fairly entertaining from Chapman To.
Do catch it before or during CNY period and have a good laugh! Something worth to mention, do stay for the ending credits as the bloopers (in Cantonese) are really funny! HUAT AT!

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