Tuesday, February 23, 2016

[Thanks for reading] Random-ness...

2 important occasions have passed this year's calendar within a month, and they were my birthday and Valentine's Day. Now I am so looking forward to March for my 2-week Holiday to... (stay tuned to @dipmecocoa to find out)

This year, I spent my Valentine's Day in KL, and Baby surprised me with an iPad Mini 4. My first thought was that it was too lavish, as that we should save up for our forthcoming trip. However, Baby insisted on getting me something that I like. Thanks Baby, #mysweetestdrug! I love my gift very much, and I am glad that we crossed each other's path 8 years ago. During our love journey, we created many memories together.

Recently, we discovered an affordable Korean Restaurant, 'Sunny Korean Cuisine' which is located at City Square Mall, and they serve an extremely value for money set meal.

We love the Kimchi Pancake very much.

It was not a lavish dinner but a heart-warming one with my sweetest Baby. This meal pretty much summed up our Valentine's Day Meal!

I received a lovely pen from Tracy who just came back from New Zealand a couple weeks ago. Thanks ya!

Jasmine got me some stuffs during her trip to Shanghai. Thanks Chewy!

Baby sold away his Jazzy last year in December, and he upgraded to a larger car, the Subaru Forester! I really missed Jazzy very much on the first week, when we handed it over to the new owner. Goodbye, Jazzy, you have served us well for the past 8 years...

Foresty has slowly replaced Jazzy in our daily lifestyle and it has become part of our life!

Lastly, I picked up a Wonder Collect Powder which features Sanrio Character, Kuromi from Junction 8 at a special price of SGD23.

Although I paid a slightly higher price for it in SG, I still glad that I got it as I missed getting at Tokyu Hands outlet at Shibuya, JPN last year!


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