Tuesday, February 2, 2016

[birthday trip - Hong Kong] Gudetama Cafe by Izumi Curry

After my last visit in 2014, I returned back to HKG to celebrate my birthday. As usual, I took Cathay Pacific Airways and after 3hrs+ of flying, I reached Hong Kong International Airport.

Once we cleared the customs check, we proceeded to the train counter and purchased the Airport Express Travel Passes (for tourists) at HKD300, which includes a 2-way airport express ride + a 3 days unlimited MTR ride.

Apart from the travel passes, Baby also got the local mobile data pre-paid SIM card for HKD88. (Hot-spot sharing) 

It was the eve of my birthday when we reached HKG, and Baby bought me a slice of Matcha Cake for my mini birthday celebration! 

My OOTD for the first day (weather temperature: +7C). Before I blog about my trip in HKG, I want to share with you on my cutest dining experience at Gudetama Cafe by Izumi Curry

The famous lazy Japanese egg mascot has landed at the APM Millennium City Shopping Centre, which you can reach by taking the MTR to Kwun Tong Station! 



Upon reaching the café, I was delighted to be greeted by the bright yellow colors and the cute setting!


The frowning egg face of Gudetama was featured in every dish. The droopy eyes and opened mouth were made of rice paper, thus they are edible! 

We love the Hamburger Steak and Cheese Curry Rice very much. The damage was pretty pricey but the quality of the food made up for it! 

The Gudetama Merchandising Store was located next to the café!  

I had a great time there and it made my day after eating something cute yet delicious. 

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