Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Birthday celebration with Friends + RKM outing with Hay Boy

Entering the blogging sphere way back in 2010 has been a great experience for me. During my journey of blogging, I had the blessing and delight to meet fellow bloggers who have since becomes my close good friends/buddies!

Recently, we met up for a mookata gathering which also served as my birthday celebration. We arranged this meet up a week advance as I was spending my birthday weekend in HKG!

We met up at Kin Tub Thai Steamboat which is located outside the food court of Peace Centre. We ordered a meat and seafood platter and they were priced the same. The 2 platters were served within 10mins or less after ordering. The portion was pretty generous as each platter could feed about 3-4pax!

I personally prefer the meat platter as the meat was well seasoned and each piece of delectable meat is tasted flavorful!

Thanks for all the lovely gifts! Hugsss everyone :)

I delivered on my promise to my little nephew, Hayden, to bring him to the airport after I came back from HKG. I got him and my Mommy to join in our RKM weekend date.

Upon reaching Changi Airport T3, we took some random photos of the Star Wars life-sized X-wing fighter at the departure hall.

We brought him to the viewing deck to see planes landing and taking off, and he enjoyed that very much.

We took him to take the sky train to T1 as we had our lunch at Paradise Inn. From Hayden's expression, I am very sure you readers will know that he enjoyed his lunch very much! Yes, indeed! We had a pleasurable dining experience all thanks to the top notch service rendered by Paradise Inn.

I end my post with some random selfies which taken at Marina Square!

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