Friday, February 12, 2016

[random] All about Hubsch Jess Baby

RKM loves spending quality time with each other on weekends.
OOTD on a random weekend...

I brought Baby to Cocoa Colony, 313 Somerset and they serve nice Hot Cocoa and delicious finger food. Tea lovers - Don't worry! They also serve hot tea at a reasonable price too!

We ordered an Egg Truffle and Cucumber Sandwich and it tasted good! I also had one of my favorite  snacks, 'Prawn Twisters' which are essentially spring rolls with a prawn on the inside. it tasted amazing, and is best with chilli sauce.

Every year, Baby has to go to KL, M'sia to visit his relatives but this year, instead of going over, his relatives came down to Singapore. As we are used to our routine of a Pre-CNY celebration, we still carried on with our usual practice even though he is not leaving Singapore for CNY. 

We went to our favorite restaurant, Dian Xiao Er for our 捞鱼生 celebration dinner.

Most of us believe that 捞鱼生 during the CNY period can bring good luck, and the higher one tosses, the better luck he/she will have, as well as having a bountiful year ahead!

We had Soup of the Day.

Of course, we could not miss out on our favourite Signature Angelic Herbal Roasted Duck! I still love the flavorful herbal gravy which enhances the duck meat to taste better. Lastly, we also had Stir-Fried Baby Kai Lan with Lime as a side dish. It is a healthy choice for people who are looking for healthier choice of food as less oil was used for this dish. The lime extract perked up our appetites and we finished off everything that was served on the table.
After our dinner, we went to Temt as they have a wide selection of clothes which are priced decently. Temt is my favorite AU brand. I bought this top for my 开工大吉 on the 3rd day of CNY.

A simple yet harmonious reunion dinner on the eve of CNY with my parents, my brother, Tony and his wifey, Wei Wei and Henry, my other brother. Folks reading this might be wondering where my adorable nephew, Hayden was? Oh well, he went back with his Mommy to visit his 外公外婆 in Segamet, Johor, M'sia which is 172KM away from JB.

OOTD for 1st day of CNY

Before I end this post, I want to share with you some cute stuff from MacDonald's HKG and SG in conjunction of celebrating and welcoming the year of monkey! 
In Hong Kong, McDonald's came out with a limited edition of Monchhichi Lucky Charms, and there are 5 different lucky charm toys that can be redeemed. These toys represent Fortune, Luck, Happiness, Love and Smoothness in everything respectively!

During my trip to HKG, I picked up 2 charms which were 'LOVE' and 'HAPPINESS' (why I choose these two was mainly based on the colors I liked!).

In Singapore, they also came out Monchhichi Happy Meal promotion, and I picked up 'Cool Dude'! I personally prefer the hanging lucky charm to the figure toy.

Nevertheless, if you are the fan of this Japanese character, Monchhichi, do not miss these promotions available in both Singapore and Malaysia.

Lastly, I love these Charcoal Egg Tarts which I had at a relative's house during CNY visiting! If you are interested, they are available at TPY Central!