Thursday, February 4, 2016

[Birthday trip] Victoria Peak + beautiful skyline of HKG

The temperature in HKG during my visit was rather insane, to say the least! On my first day, the weather itself was at its highest of +7C. We were not really prepared to face such cold temperatures in HKG, and I was forced to purchase a winter jacket from ESPIRT which was on sales at about SGD60+.

No trip to Hong Kong is complete without at least visiting Victoria Peak once! Although it is rather touristy, but nobody can deny the view and beauty of this attraction.
I have actually been to Victoria Peak with my family and my other travel mates before, but I decided to go there again on my birthday, especially since Baby has not been there before even though he has been to Hong Kong many times.

We took the MTR from Jordan to Central, which is where the Victoria Peak Tram Station is located. We purchased tickets at the station for about HKD83 per pax, and this includes a 2-way peak tram ride + admission to Sky Terrace 428!

The queues to purchase tickets and board the 120 years old funicular railway tram system were amazingly long, despite the freezing temperatures!


We went to The Peak Galleria for a free-entry Observation Deck to catch a glimpse of Hong Kong's amazing skyline.

I took many random selfies with Paul Frank, the CNY mascot of The Peak Galleria.


As fate would have it, our favorite egg tarts from Tai Cheong Bakery had an outlet here! It must have been providence, as we bought the last 2 egg tarts, the shop had for the day! The crust was not too flaky, but rather crisp and just the way I like it. Each bite tasted awesome and juicy, and had a brilliant aroma of fresh eggs, emulating the ones from the main Tai Cheong Bakery store at Central Station!

Temperatures before reaching the top of the peak was about +4C, but at the peak itself. the temperatures were at +3C! However we were rewarded with a panorama view of Hong Kong's skyline and harbour from the Victoria Peak!
This night view was taken by a pair of frozen hands! I truly experienced the coldest temperature at the highest peak in HKG.

My frozen face at the Sky Terrace 428! A breath-taking scenery with unbearable temperature!

Before leaving the peak, we had our dinner at Tsui Wah Restaurant, and we enjoyed our dinner very much!

We went for supper at Mak's Noodles which is located conveniently behind our hotel. Each portion is served in a standard Chinese rice bowl, and the texture of the noodles was exquisite, with a firm bite on each chomp! The noodles are served with large wantons that have fresh prawns inside which were succulent, firm and juicy! My only grouse is that the portions are EXTREMELY SMALL and will NOT BE ENOUGH to fill a hungry stomach. However, as supper, it is a perfect midnight snack, especially since it is served with hot soup to combat the freezing weather. Interestingly enough, there were multiple ads plastered to highlight the two outlets that were opened in Singapore at Centrepoint and Westgate! It is however, one of the best Wanton Mee I've eaten so far.

That's concluded my second day in HKG! Stay tuned to my dining experience at the Dim Sum Icon X Little Twin Star Café.

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