Saturday, July 22, 2017

[random] Dinner at Jumbo Seafood @ ECP + Chang Sensory Trails

Recently, the 'Sales & CSR Department' in my company organised a dinner gathering at Jumbo Seafood @ ECP. Thanks Boss David for the dinner treat! 

We ordered Fried Fritter Dough stuffed with Sotong Meat, and it tasted better with the accompanying dipping sauce!

Apart from the Fried Fritter, we also ordered Baby Squid, Bamboo Clam, Chicken Satay, Steamed Fish and Fried seasonal greenies! 

Lastly, the main dish that we had ordered was finally served on our dining table! It was Jumbo's signature Chili Crab, and we ordered some Fried Mantou to go along with the delicious gravy. 

We had a pleasurable experience and gathering at Jumbo Seafood. 

Meryl joined RKM on a random weekend to pop by the 'Chang Sensory Trails' event. It is a global campaign that brings the vibrancy of Thai food culture to the world! 

We had some yummy Chicken Skewers from Nara Thai Cuisine, and each stick tasted marvellous, which we enjoyed very much! 

We took some random photos at the event, and thanks Meryl for joining us! 

Throwback to our early July dinner gathering meet-up! We had Founder Bak Kut Teh which is located at Rangoon Road. The attendees were RKM, Meryl, Poppy, Ryden, jasmine and Baby Rena. We had a fun time, especially with the special guest, the youngest member in our 'clique'! The damage was SGD20 per person.

Lastly, I end my post with a simple meal at Kim Gary Hong Kong Restaurant with my Baby on a random weekday after-work dinner. The damage was less than SGD30 for member's discount of 10%.

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