Saturday, July 29, 2017

[reality TV show] Preview of Meallions at Specialty & Fine Food Asia 2017

Mr Ivan Sidorok, the founder of Mabius, presented his new food startup reality TV show, 'Meallions' at the Specialty & Fine Food Asia 2017. This event was held at the Suntec convention Centre, Singapore. The show will premiere on YouTube in October 2017.

The first season of 'Meallions' will comprise of 12 episodes, and the production will be available for both European and Asian regions. The Asian version will begin in India, and the finale of the first season will be held in Singapore.

15 Entrepreneurs and their startups from Asia, Europe & Russia will take part in the reality show, pitching their ideas for new food products with the ultimate goal of breaking into the global market. In the first 9 episodes, the entrepreneurs will stay together on a campus to compete for a spot in the semi-finals. The final episode of both versions will be filmed in Singapore where the finalists will have to sell their products at street markets, give out samples to members of the public, and to gather customer reviews. In the end, two final entrepreneurs from the European and Asian shows will walk away with a SGD100,000 prize to roll out their products to a new Market. 

The main agenda of the 'Meallions' is to identify business enthusiasts who have the courage to dream big and to help them to realize their potential. 

Jasmine and I were invited to a champagne cocktail with the team of the reality show, 'Meallions'.

Upon reaching the event premises, we were greeted by giant crab claws! These were of the finest seafood quality, and the icy environment where they originated from allowed these king crabs to grow into giant crabs with huge long claws!

Mr Andrey Ryvkin is the founder and chef of a small chain of market and street food bistros in Moscow. In 2016, he launched ‘King Claw’ a delicacy bottled crab product at the Speciality & Fine Food Fair in London.

We were glad that we got to try and taste the Potted King Crab Truffle Eggs On Toast, as well as the Potted King Crab Mango and Avocado Salad during the cocktail event! 

Thanks for the invitation, and I look forward to watch the episodes on YouTube. If you love reality shows, then do not give a miss to the show!  


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