Wednesday, November 1, 2017

[launch event] Maintenance-free Airfree Air Purifiers

Singaporeans today are leaning towards a healthier living lifestyle, therefore having an air purifier at home may now be an essential device as part of any home décor! However, technology and gadgets nowadays require cleaning and maintenance and it may actually cause burden on one's daily life instead.

Recently, my friends and I were introduced to Airfree Air Purifiers through their launch event which was held at The Scotts Tower (TST), and the air purifiers surprised me with their filter-less and maintenance-free functions. With these bonuses, I am definitely being sold on the idea of having a healthy environment at zero effort needed! 

The Airfree Air Purifiers are exclusively distributed by Hwee Seng (Electronics) Pte Ltd, and they aim to offer the air purifier as air cleaners that can reduce bacteria and fungi content in the air within closed environments. The air purification process is noiseless and it consumes only 48w per hour, which is pretty economical indeed!

The Airfree Air Purifiers kill 99% of airborne allergens as they drawn contaminated air into the ceramic core and are destroyed at high temperatures. This air purification cycle runs in complete silence and requires no maintenance, hence these air purifiers are major allies that offer a quality of life that are sensitive to the elderly, children, and people who suffer from allergies.

The award-winning design of the Airfree P model (SGD478) incorporated a smooth dimmer-controlled, blue night light.

This Airfree Iris (SGD638) emits different colored lights that help to create a welcoming environment while purifying the air.

The Airfree E models (SGD398) are perfect for humid environments and with low levels of direct sunshine, as the air purifier prevents the recurrence of mould. The device reduces contaminated air naturally without using any chemicals. 

The Airfree Lotus (SGD858) combines a distinctive design with exclusive technology, allowing a change of colors at a regular speed. It also open the device's 'flower petals' when the device is turn on! 

Lastly, there is a new member in the family with the Airfree Babyair (SGD418), as it is an effective way to reduce indoor air pollution. This treatment is important in nurseries and children's bedrooms as it helps to reduce the risk of newborn babies and young children from developing allergies. 

The Airfree Air Purifiers are now available in Singapore, at various stores such as Popular, Harvey Norman, Audio House. You can also order them online from Hachi Tech Online, Hwee Seng Online, and Qoo10!

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