Saturday, November 11, 2017

[service launch] The Science Behind Beauty Workshop at Uber Aesthetics

A couple of weeks ago, Tracy extended her invite to me to attend 'The Science Behind Beauty' Workshop and it was held at the Uber Aesthetics Clinic which has its location at MyVillage, Serangoon Gardens. During the workshop, we were introduced to various treatments which are available at the clinic.

We started off the session with Nose Threading, and it is one of the most popular non-surgical procedures with minimal downtime. This procedure is commonly known as 'lunch time' nose lift, and it only uses ultra-thin threads to be injected into the nose area, in order to achieve a sharper and more defined nasal bridge. The surgical threads are safe to use as they create new collagen within the skin which dissolves over time. 
The next treatment was on 'Botox', which I personally think has a significant level of pain. The demonstration had a patient with a vibrating device placed against his chin in order to distract him from the pain.

For this live demo, we were introduced to Dr Justin Boey and his patient, who underwent the nose threading and botox procedure. According to the patient, it was painless with no downtime, and he had a natural looking nose bridge definition, as well as a more defined jawline after the session! 

Next, we were introduced to another treatment called 'Ultherapy', a skin lifting treatment that only uses Ultrasound which is non-invasive. It provides an effective collagen regeneration and sustainable lifting effect on the skin naturally. The Ulthera treatment helps to lift the skin on the neck, under the chin, and on the eyebrow area. It also improves lines and wrinkles, so as to help achieve a fresher and more youthful look! 
Apart from the Ulthera treatment, we were also introduced to Zeltiq, a non-invasive fat reduction that helps to eliminate stubborn fats. This treatment uses a cool sculpting technology to freeze the fat and eventually reduces unwanted fat without a surgical procedure. The Zeltiq treatment is a highly effective yet safe and painless treatment.  

Many of you might be interested to know about Teeth Whitening with Gum Rejuvenation without visiting a dentist. Uber Aesthetics Clinic has introduced a procedure called BrightTonix, which uses low power radio-frequency (RF) to remove stains from teeth enamel, in order to achieve whiter teeth. The treatment on the whole only requires 15 minutes, and is a safe and painless treatment with no side effects.


This is a new treatment in the market, and I was delighted that Uber Aesthetics is one of few clinics in Singapore to offer this! Do give it a try as it provides remarkable results improvement and there is no restriction on the type of food consumed after the procedure. 

I hope this read-up can help you to understand and to get to know more about the treatments available at Uber Aesthetics Clinic! Lastly, thanks Affluence PR and Uber Aesthetics Clinic for hosting us at the workshop, and lastly thanks for pampering us with yummy canapés and beauty goodies!  

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