Wednesday, November 8, 2017

[save the date] Online Revolution 2017 - Shop the Universe on 11.11

Lazada will be holding SG's biggest online shopping event, the Online Revolution 2017 which will be take place on 11.11.2017, SO MARK YOUR CALENDAR AND JOIN IN THE FUN YO!
This will be a day that I am sure everyone will be looking forward to in order to enjoy amazing deals and huge discounts while shopping online with Lazada. All products will have up to a 90% discount, and there are various giveaway vouchers worth up to SGD110! Lastly, do keep an eye out for one of my all time favourite segments during every online shopping experience with Lazada - FLASH DEALS!! Lazada will be offering an insane 110 Flash deals during this event!

This will be the best time to stock up on your favorite products or to indulge in something you have always wanted, but did not have the chance to purchase them previously due to the heavy price. However, this event will now be the perfect time to get it at an affordable price!
Lazada is also having Brand Surprise Boxes which are priced at SGD29 but contain over SGD100 worth of products. You are definitely getting a huge bargain regardless of what brand of 'Surprise Box' that you have chosen. Some of the participating brands are Colgate, L'Oreal, Etude House, Johnson & Johnson, Triumph, Watsons, Laneige and Aveeno. Some of the boxes even contain electronics and gadgets.
If you are interested to purchase any of the Lazada Surprise Boxes, or to buy some heavily discounted products during the Lazada SG's Online Revolution 2017, please do check them out within the comfort of your own home, and I know that my friends and I will definitely go crazy for this upcoming shopping event! 

I was surprised when I took a peek at my Lazada X Johnson & Johnson Surprise Box, as I wondered what on earth I could possibly get for a mere SGD29. I was pleasantly surprised to find my box being packed with products from Listerine and BenGay, which will undoubtedly be useful to me and my family members.

I love this limited edition travel pack from Listerine which I got to try out various different flavors. This will help me decide on which is my favorite before I actually spend money on a proper sized flavor.

I am a food lover and the only way to keep my weight in balance is to run at least 3 times a week. I do participate in running events too! Hence, it is pretty normal for me to have aching muscles or joints. I also get a stiff neck due to the long hours from working on front of a computer desktop!

Ultra-Strength BENGAY Pain Relieving Patch definitely outmatches everything in the market presently that gives pain relief in the fastest and most effective way. The patches come in large and small sizes that target the pain so as to provide more flexibility and mobility in the muscle and joints. In fact, they work wonders for all aches and pains.

The above 2 products which I have touched upon are but only some of the various items found within the surprise box. Do check them out yourself and get a Surprise Box for yourself! You do not need to wait till the event day to get the items you want, as you can begin browsing the website and 'reserve' the items you want by adding them as favorite products into your wish list, and thereafter get them at a discounted price on the event day of 11.11.2017!
From 11th of November 2017 to 14th of December 2017, the 1st 100 new customers of Lazada SG can enjoy an 18% discount off (capped at SGD11) if they key in the voucher code - 'LAZOR2017NEW' upon checking out.

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