Saturday, November 25, 2017

Preview Screening of The Promise + First Culinary Restaurant

Thanks MOVIEXCLUSIVE for the tickets to the preview screening of 'The Promise'. It is a Thai horror film, and the setting begins in 1997, whereby the disastrous financial crash of that year has left many millionaires bankrupt overnight. Two best friends, Boum and Ib have their friendship put to the test when they discover that their respective fathers are both victims to the crisis, and all their assets were seized to pay off their debts. The construction of a premium luxury condominium, which their parents jointly invested in, had been suspended. They were unable to accept the harsh truth, and they decided to end their life together at the unfinished apartment, where they promised each other to be together forever. In the end, Ib died alone, as Boum got cold feet and reneges on her suicidal pact with Ib.

The movie uses the unfinished 47-floor luxury apartment, Sathorn Unique Tower, which was abandoned during the 97' economic downturn. It is located at the Thai capital city of Bangkok which is now known as 'Ghost Tower'. I personally feel that it is a perfect shooting location as it gives a creepy feeling and at the same time, it offers a spectacular view of the Thai capital. 

20 years later, Boum is now a successful businesswoman of her own, and also a mother of one. One day, she visits the abandoned tower with her daughter Bell, who is celebrating her 15th birthday in just a few days! Many strange occurrences begin to take place after the visit, it reminds Boum of Ib. The shade of Ib decides to haunt not Boum, but her beloved daughter instead as revenge.

'The Promise' is a straight-forward movie and it does almost everything right. It is still worth seeing, despite a few ineffective jump scares. Do catch this movie at a cinema near you! 

Another Sunday Dim Sum brunch with Baby and Auntie Vi, which I enjoy very much. This time we went to the 'First Culinary' Restaurant, which is located within ITE AMK!

The Pan Fried Turnip Cake was delicious, and I love the crispiness on the outside, and the generous amount of radish in the cake impressed me! 

 We ordered the Century Egg Porridge, and it tasted kinda bland. 

The taste of the Braised Chicken Feet is a bit too sweet for me. It cost us SGD4.90, which I felt was kinda hefty.

Pork Ribs with Yam

The Deep Fried Beancurd Skin was amazing. A classic dim sum item that loved by the trio of us! 

The damage was about SGD60. Thanks Auntie Vi for the weekend brunch treat! On ya, do 'LIKE' their FB to redeem a plate of Braised Duck Feet at no cost! 

I end my post with mid-week lunch with Suni at Streats Cafe, Suntec City, and lastly, I also had my Fri-lunch at Pho-stop which is located at Downtown Gallery

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