Tuesday, November 14, 2017

[random] Louis Vuitton - Time Capsule Exhibition + Banana Leaf PorkBriyani & Rainbow Prata

Baby and I made a trip down to ION Orchard for the Time Capsule Exhibition by Louis Vuitton in Singapore. This exhibition is to celebrate the history of the French Luxury brand, Louis Vuitton by showcasing a timeline of LV's 160 years of rich history in fashion.
Before we left the exhibition gallery, we were each given 2 sticker postcards as a keepsake. Thanks so much for the kind hospitality! 

Isetan Singapore at Scotts brings the latest fashion and amazing food from Italy at the new Isetan's Festival Italian campaign! I won a bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which I collected with much relish. Thank for the lovely gift Isetan Singapore!
Baby and I love to learn more about fashion layering, especially since we mostly travel to cold countries for the holidays.
We attended a sharing session/workshop at Uniqlo, Orchard Central, and we got to meet up with local home-grown artist, Tiffany Loy. She shared with us on her thoughts and ideas on how to stretch our imagination on the many ways to dress up with Uniqlo clothing.

It was a pretty informative session, which gave us more inspiration to layer our clothing, whereby one can not only keep warm, but to look fashionable at the same time!

Baby was selected as a winner for the Grab weekly campaign, 'Hunt for Hello Kitty', and he got me the GrabHitch Dear Daniel plushie! It looks so cute, and I love it so much. Congrats Baby for being the winner, and I hope to win another design next week! 

It has been a long hiatus since we last visited Som Tam, at the Orchard Central. Baby suggested going there for our 'Fri-date' dinner. We ordered a plate of Krapow Gai (chicken basil) Rice Set and Deep Fried Chicken with Creamy Salted Egg Rice Set. We also shared a bowl of Tom Yum Koong. The damage was about SGD50, and thanks Baby for the lovely treat! 

There is a newly opened food joint - Banana Leaf Pork Briyani at Wave 9, Woodlands Industrial Park. Recently, it was a trending issue in Singapore as Chicken and Mutton Briyani are more commonly served, whereby Pork Briyani is something very rare/unheard of. This caused my curiosity to go up tremendously, and I just had to check it out. The eatery place is actually very near to Baby's apartment, so I kept bugging him to bring me there to try out their Pork Briyani.

The dish set comes with a whole hard-boiled egg, appetizing pickled vegetables and my favorite Papadum! I love the taste of the Curry Pork Rib, but this dish comes at a hefty price of SGD8 per set. Be warned!

The eatery place also offers Rainbow Prata which has been often seen on social media platforms lately. I regret to say that the Rainbow Prata was mediocre at best, as it was served cold, floppy and soft. It was not crispy at all. If you really must, purchase it once for it's unique colours and for photo taking but give it a miss thereafter. Rather, purchase the Pork Briyani instead as it was really delicious!

I end my post with a random Monday dinner at Xin Wang HK Café, Harbourfront Centre to lighten up my Monday blues. I love the Fried Spring Rolls every much. The damage was SGD40, and this meal made me feel that Monday wasn’t so bad after all. Thanks so much for popping by my humble space, and I hope you enjoy reading my little updates/happenings! 

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