Saturday, December 23, 2017

Arida Mikan tasting session

Recently, I've developed a new found love for Japanese 'Mikan' Oranges after attending the Arida Mikan tasting session at the Japan Rail Café. I am glad to experience its fragrance and sweetness before everyone else does! I am happy to know that these oranges are now available in Singapore!

The Arida 'Mikan' Orange has a long and beloved history in Japan for nearly 450 years, and has been well loved by the Japanese for many generations.They are grown on the terraced mountains slopes of Arida, a city in Wakayama Prefecture, Japan. The land and climate of Arida is ideal for growing premium Mikan. 

These oranges are favored by many Chefs all over Japan due to the excellent balance of sweetness and freshness. Arida Mikan enjoys a long lasting harvest from late September till December. They are produced and delivered with the finest care! 

During the event, we were brought in a historical journey on these exquisite mandarin oranges through a presentation and a tasting session. The Arida Mikan is extremely sweet and juicy, and I could taste Mother Nature's blessing in all its glory! 

 We learnt how to peel the Arida Mikan in the proper way. To begin, grip the mikan with both hands, and peel from the centre into halves. You can then continue to peel from halves to quarter sizes!

I was delighted to have a bite of the Arida Mikan that is well cherished by connoisseurs and fine food lovers from all over the world. They are packed with vitamins, and I may have had an over dose of vitamins during my tasting session, haha! These oranges were super addictive and I couldn't resist having more servings. What I like best about these Arida Mikans are that they are largely seedless.  

Thanks JETRO and Affluence PR for having us at the Arida Mikan tasting! 

7 Arida Mikan oranges are packed in a box and are retailing at SGD10 which are now available at Cold Storage Takashimaya and Kyoho-Ya Takashimaya. They will also be available at Premium Japan Farmers Market from the 15th to 28th of December 2017.

For more information on Arida Mikan, you can check out on their website

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