Tuesday, December 5, 2017

[random] Ramen Nagi + Red Star Restaurant

After my visit to 'Ramen Nagi' with some of my colleagues a few weeks back, I told Baby that the Ramen tasted pretty good, and he was quite receptive to giving the place a visit for dinner during a random mid-week. He came down to Suntec City after work, and lucky there was no queue at all. Both of us ordered the Original Butao King.

The texture of the Tonkotsu broth was velvety smooth and it tasted good. I love the noodles very much and it went well with the creamy collagen-filled broth! The damage was SGD30-plus. 

Recently, there are many new food joints that have opened at Suntec City, and being a avid foodie myself, I visited OMU for a random weekday lunch with my colleagues Suni and Irene! The total damage was SGD46-ish!

Another Sunday Dim Sum Brunch with Baby and Auntie Vi! This time we visited the old Red Star Restaurant which is located at Chin Swee Road. The Red Star Restaurant is an old school Cantonese Restaurant with a big dining area. This place has been around for ages, and is now one of the last dim sum restaurants in Singapore to still utilize a push cart system. The place is on the 7th floor of an old HDB Block! Come to think of it, my last visit to this place was probably 10 years ago.

The Red Star Restaurant offers traditional cart-pushing dim sum, like in Hong Kong and Baby loves push-cart dim sum as compared to those ala carte ordering style. 

The Red Star Restaurant is probably the most authentic and classic looking Chinese restaurant left in Singapore. Patrons will find themselves stepping back in time to the 1970s/1980s upon entering the premises. It brings back many old memories and they are definitely priceless. The damage was pretty hefty, as we paid SGD79 for our meal. Do drop by for a meal for old time's sake, I guess! 

Baby and I brought Mommy for lunch at Din Tai Fung on a random Saturday afternoon. We had a heart-warming meal, and I enjoyed every moment together.  

I purchased some earrings for myself and Mommy from HarbourFront Centre. Each pair cost me SGD10. 

I picked up the Urban Decay - all nighter during the Black Friday Sales at Sephora. I paid SGD30 for this long-lasting Makeup Setting Spray. What a good deal!  

I end my post with my yummy yet affordable cze char dinner at New Bridge Road. 

Thanks for reading my little weekly updates! 

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