Monday, June 11, 2018

Begin my beauty journey with ZELL-V

As we age, our cells' reproduction and regeneration ability decreases, and this results in aging. When you are in the pink of health, it is natural for one's complexion to show radiance, energy, and vitality!

As mentioned on my earlier blog post on ZELL-V, I did a blood cell test on my cellular health, and the results were pretty fine with only some thin stress lines. Happily enough, my blood cells are within the good range! We were each given a 10-day oral supplement of the best-selling ZELL-V Platinum Plus Sheep Placenta Extract.

ZELL-V Platinum Plus is manufactured under a stringent safety and quality assurance regulation, that is under constant supervision by the Health Authorities. This has resulted in the company being awarded with many prestigious credentials! This oral supplement contains zero harmful chemicals that could cause damage to the consumers and the environment.

Each capsule of the ZELL-V Platinum Plus is enteric-coated to ensure all nutrients are fully absorbed by the body when consumed. It consists of 30,000mg of Sheep Placenta Extract to defend one's skin against aging. It stimulates cellular growth to maintain a healthy skin look, even with the passage of time!

Recently, Meryl and I were invited to try out ZELL-V's latest inventions, which are the age-defying SPF50 skin guard, Wonder Cream+ and Phytocell Serum+. We picked up the products at one of their outlets which is located at Marina Bay Sands.

The Wonder Cream+ and Phytocell Serum+ are premium products for a skincare regimen, as they contain powerful anti-aging benefits. They revitalise cells for total skin rejuvenation, and they work effectively with our skin's natural system to fight against the signs of aging from the inside for total skin rejuvenation and revitalisation!

The Wonder Cream+ offers instant skin rejuvenation with just one application, and it also preps the skin with an immediate touch-up effect for applying make-up on the face!

After having used the skincare products for about 3 weeks, I find that I really love the Wonder Cream+ which offers complete UV protection. It gives one's skin sheer coverage and a luminous finish. The Wonder Cream+ also infuses the skin with youthful radiance.

It's has been a wonderful journey with the ZELL-V's Wonder Cream+ for about a month. I used it as a make-up primer for my daily regime, and it helps to regulate sebum production. I always believe 'LESS IS MORE' when it comes to achieving a natural look!

The Phytocell Serum+ reduces wrinkles and visibly reverses age with its lifting and moisturising power. It activates and revitalised self-renewal. It also helps to delay the aging process, reduce wrinkles and fight against aggressive UV rays.

ZELL-V offers products for rejuvenation and anti-aging, which give a new level of skin care defence and UV protection to defend your skin from environmental damages. The multi-function Wonder Cream+ balances the skin immediately by correcting imperfections. With the help of the Phytocell Serum+, my skin became suppler, firmer and had a more refined skin texture!

The Wonder Cream+ and Phytocell Serum+, as well as ZELL-V Platinum Plus are available at ZELL-V outlets at the Marina Bay Sands, Singapore Shopping Centre and Ngee Ann City.


Disclaimer: This post is done in collaboration with ZELL-V, and the reviews of the products are based on personal experience.

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