Thursday, June 14, 2018

[steak night] The Ultimate Selection by Burger King

For those of you who have a big love for steak, you might want to read this post to find out how you can feast to your heart's & tummy's desire at Burger King!
Burger King introduced their latest addition to their range of premium burgers, the Ultimate Striploin Steak Mushroom Swiss Burger! Make no 'mis-steak', there is a full slab of striploin in the burger!
From the 5th of June 2018, a mouth-watering tender juicy piece of steak is awaiting you, as the Ultimate Striploin Steak Mushroom Swiss Burger Value Meal starts at SGD11.90, and comes with thick-cut fries or onion rings and Coke Zero. It is only available for a limited time only! 

For those who are not beef lovers, do try the Ultimate Tendercrisp Chicken Burger which is also under the premium range, 'Ultimate Selection'. It is priced at SGD7.50 for ala carte orders or SGD8.90 for value meals.
The Ultimate Striploin Steak Mushroom Swiss Burger was delicious and I love the juicy full slab of steak, which is topped with an all time favourite savory combination of sautéed mushrooms and creamy melted Swiss Cheese. The burger is served between corn-dusted sourdough buns, and garnished with sweet caramelised onions, fresh tomatoes and crunchy Batavia lettuce.

We enjoyed our burgers with the signature sides such as french fries, onion rings and chicken nuggets! Oh mann... I love their onion rings so much! 

Not to forget, Burger King has delicious Taro Pies, which ended the tasting session on a sweet note! Thank you Burger King and The Rainmaker Marketing Group for hosting us at this tasting. We had an awesome time catching up with one another. Till next time! 
Visit your nearest Burger King outlet and enjoy the Ultimate Striploin Steak Mushroom Swiss Burger. For more information, you can check out Burger King's Official Website and Facebook. 

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