Saturday, June 23, 2018

Mozozoff Wine & Chocolate Pairing Experiential + SAMA Curry Cafe

Morozoff is a prestigious confectionery and chocolatier brand in Japan and it has a rich history, with its humble beginnings stretching back to 1931! Originally from Kobe, it is amazingly popular and has made waves in Japan for being a pioneer in linking chocolate and romance together! This move received positive views to the nationwide tradition's Valentine's Day chocolate gifting which still remains popular to this day!

I attended the Wine & Chocolate Pairing Experiential at Mozozoff. I had a delightful time exploring the wide selection of Morozoff's signature fine chocolates, cookies and other packaged baked sweets. 


Morozoff now makes a comeback to Singapore after a 14 year hiatus, with their all-new standalone boutique opening at Plaza Singapura. All products are air-flown direct from Japan to ensure quality and freshness. 

Thanks Morozoff for the wonderful decadent treat of a box of Golden Fancy Chocolates, which is worth SGD15. Each box is filled with an assortment of bite-sized rich chocolates and assorted ingredients liked mixed nuts and caramel. 

After the chocolate event, Baby brought me to SAMA Curry Cafe which is also located at Plaza Singapura for dinner. This casual eatery specialises in Hokkaido-styled Soup Curry. The restaurant has an assortment of spicy level for its curry, so choose wisely! One thing, I'm sure of is that the curry served here is rather different from the usual kinds of Japanese curry.

Baby ordered the Special Soup Curry Ramen with a spice level of 13! For my own choice, I had the 'Oink Oink' curry, which consists of tender Pork Belly and Grilled Vegetables with a dash of Japanese seasoning. I went for the spice level of 10!

We shared the Hokkaido Crab Cream Croquette, and we enjoyed it very much. Each croquette was nicely deep-fried. The crispy golden brown croquette shell holds a rich and creamy filing with a sweet flavor of Hokkaido crab meat! To me, it was definitely a pleasing side snack which pairs perfectly well with Ponzu dipping sauce, for that nice zesty kick!

Thanks Baby for the wonderful Fri-date dinner! Appreciate the quality time we spent together! 

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