Dinner at Casa Roma Ristorante Italiano + Lam's Garden

On a random weekend, we made use of the generous dining deal from the 'eatigo app' to enjoy a 20% discount on our Italian fare at Casa Roma Ristorante Italiano which is located at The Grandstand.


Italian cuisine tends to be slightly pricey as compared to other cuisines, but the prices at the Casa Roma seemed to be more comfortable to our pockets than other Italian eateries.


On top of that, I was given an additional SGD20 cash voucher as well to further offset my meal damage! We only paid SGD41 in total after all the discounts and deductions, which made our damage a very affordable one!

Baby and I brought HayBoy to the Pepper Lunch's Teppan City Venture, and it was the first ever pop up art installation in Asia! It was located at the Capitol Building.

We received a SGD5 Pepper Lunch voucher each after completing answering the questionnaire on all the stations at the event premises. We also received some Pepper Lunch premiums too! Thanks for the slots, and I'm glad that HayBoy enjoyed himself, even though the scale of the event was extremely small!

Baby and I went down to City Gate for dinner after work, and we filled our stomachs with their unique standing Seafood Crispy Noodle (twin towers), Wok Fried French Beans with Silver Fish and Sweet & Sour Pork by Lam’s Garden.

This restaurant was originally located at Golden Mile Food Centre, where it relocated to Sultan Gate for a few months before finally moving to City Gate at Beach Road. We love the food served at Lam’s Garden, and we will be back again!

I end my post with my recent after-work dinner at Paradise Dynasty, Suntec City with my Baby. It was pretty affordable all thanks to the members’ perks!


Lams Garden looks better for me.
sandra said…
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