[product review] Atorrege AD+ C5 EX Brightening Essence + April Partibox

Although working from home is not a default option for now, we still need to take extra care of our skin. This is especially so as to protect against exposure to the sun as well as other free radicals. Stress, aging, environmental factors, a poor diet and a lack of sleep can cause damage to our skin.

Personally, I have always struggled with hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tones, which were made worse with constant exposure to the sun. Now with the aid of the Atorrege AD+ C5 EX Brightening Essence, it helps me to improve my overall dark spots on my skin. It is a vitamin C serum with a high concentration of 5% of stabilized Vitamin C. It works well to lighten acne scars, pigmentation and dark spots, as well as to revitalize dull skin tones in order to achieve an overall brighter and more glowing complexion. Most importantly, it is allergy tested, and contains no fragrance and parabens. It is suitable for all skin types include sensitive skin and acne-prone skin.

Wave goodbye to dull looking skin and check out the award winning product - Atorrege AD+ C5 EX Brightening Essence, which is enriched with vitamin C and other natural extracts to give your skin a brighter and more youthful appearance! I am glad(that I have been introduced to this product, as it has improved on the overall dark spots on my skin. I love how deep it has penetrated into my skin, and with continuous usage I am sure I can find my skin becoming brighter and smoother. Thanks ‘Try and Review’ for the wonderful try-out!

Sorry for missing out on March's Edition of the Partibox subscription! I will share on my reviews once I have shifted into my new place in June! I've placed all these 'on-hold' items and goodies into one of the many moving out boxes that has been currently earmarked for house shifting! I am glad to be  with Particlub, as the goodies are getting better each month. 

Here I am into my tenth month with them, and I still do feel excited wondering what I will receive every subsequent month! Receiving a monthly 'Parti-package' delivery is a breeze as they send it promptly to my doorstep!

One of the products that I really love from the Partibox was the Batiste Hair Benefits De-Frizz. This dry shampoo comes in handy especially after an evening run! It helps to remove excess sweat and to to tame down on my hair's frizziness at the same time. It leaves a pleasant scent without leaving any spraying residue. The Batiste Hair Benefits De-Frizz really impressed me as it left my hair bouncy and feeling fresh as if it had been washed!

This month, Partibox included some green nutritious salads from Just Produce. They are locally grown and are pesticide free!


Just Sorrel - Refreshing and Tangy with a tinge of sourness.

They are wonderfully used for decoration due to its lovely and bright red veins as well as beautiful shapes!

Just Mustard - Peppery bite and Wasabi aftertaste which give a spicy kick!

Just Mesclun - Crunchy Classic

They are crunchy and juicy with a hint of sweetness. They are easily to pair up with other dishes. Versatile indeed!

Assorted goodies from Tong Garden!

This month’s Partimerch is - An old school exercise book. It reminds me of my days being a student! 

That summarizes all the goodies that I got for my April edition from Particlub! I am now so looking forward to the next edition! Do stay tuned, as I will ensure to share on the box's content on my space again!


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