Essano’s new Collagen Boost Range is everything your skin needs

New Zealand-based, Essano is a cruelty-free, totally natural skincare brand that has recently launched a new Collagen Boost range, and if you have dry skin and are looking for something collagen-based to fight against aging skin then this range is for you!


The Collagen Boost Gift Set comes with Collagen Boost Night Crème, Day CrèmeFacial Oil, and an Overnight Mask. This range is a skincare regime that is enriched with powerful ingredients to boost your skin's natural collagen production and reduce the visible signs of aging. The formulation is clinically proven to improve elasticity and firmness.

The Collagen Boost Day Crème is a day cream with natural and clinically proven ingredients to help boost collagen, naturally. It provides intense moisturizing, reinforce the skin’s natural protective layers and improve firmness and elasticity.

The extra-rich Night Crème helps to stimulate collagen by repairing and protecting the dermal layer of the skin. Regular use will help to smoothen wrinkles and promote a youthful-looking complexion.

The Collagen Boost Overnight Mask supports skin's deeper layers in giving an extensive, all over collagen boost – rejuvenating elasticity, resilience and firmness.


The Overnight Mask is pretty good, as it doesn’t feel heavy nor is it greasy or sticky. I felt that it sank into my skin well and dried quickly. It has a nice subtle scent and a lovely thick consistency. I do have sensitive skin but thankfully I got no irritation or stinging reaction from the product!

The Collagen Boost Facial Oil delivers moisture to the skin, giving it a firmer and more elastic appearance. The ingredients are clinically proven to improve the elasticity and firmness of the skin. 

I love the texture of the facial oil as it is lightweight. I love how it absorbs instantly into my skin and doesn’t leave a sticky feeling. It is suitable for all skin types, but would be best for dry or dehydrated skin!

All products from Essano are safe to use on us and they also safe for the planet and cruelty-free as they do not test their products on animals. They are affordable, yet effective! I am pleasantly surprised with the quality and efficiency of the products.

If you have dry skin and are looking for something collagen-based to fight against aging skin then this range is for you!

This sample kit from Gratiae came nicely packed in a pretty pouch, all ready to use for my upcoming staycation. It is my first time trying their beauty products and these goodies do come in handy for testing. Thanks Gratiae!


I dont knw this company.

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