Office's Moving Day

After a long preparation and much packing, today was our last working day at Suntec City Office Tower. We are finally moving out, and this new relocation will give us an opportunity to have a fresh start! Office relocation can be a sensitive issue to some of my colleagues, but for me, I feel like staying in one location for a very long time is definitely a death sentence for a company and for workers too. 

Everyone knows that relocating of an office isn't easy, but I do feel that it should not be viewed as a negative or a time-consuming task. Office premises is the key image of a company as it tells a lot to outsiders, and moving gives us the chance to update ourselves with a new look and a fresh take on our branding. It should be viewed as a signal of success and dynamism!

This relocation exercise has also given me a great excuse to get rid of things that I had kept in the office for eons! I had discarded many things that I had completely forgotten about! LOL!

I love the concept of creating open working spaces, hot-desking areas, employee lunch-areas and employees’ lockers as they gave me a fresh and dynamic feeling. It works as a huge morale boost to our productivity!

Now, I have officially moved into the new office at Gateway East! It's a new office and a new beginning, and I cannot wait to create more memories like what I did before. While it is sad to be leaving our Suntec premises as we have had many great memories there, at the same time it is exciting to have a fresh new start, in having a new office! 


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