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Discover a whole new world with Shop Corlison as they offer a wide range of necessities and essentials. It is your one stop online shop to fulfill your personal and home care needs! 

Shop Corlison is a local distributor that offers a wide range of products that include personal/health care and home-cleaning products.

I am lucky to have been introduced to Marc Anthony. Although this brand has been around in the market for a while, I have yet to try their products. Thanks to Shop Corlison for sending one of their signature products to me, the - Instant Miracle Mask - Damage Rescue.

I've been using the Instant Miracle Mask as my weekly home treatment. I love the bright, funky packaging which reminds me of those squeeze tube drinks that I used to have during my childhood days. This mask has a thick cream consistency and is packed with ingredients that are full of goodness! 

I applied this product on my hair, and I left it in for about 5-10minutes. It is very moisturizing and smells pretty good too! There is no issue or any harm in putting it longer on your hair. I would say that it's been so far so good, as I love the results and my hair definitely looks smoother. In short, I have nothing but good things to say about this product!


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Pearlie White is Singapore's only home-grown maker of oral products, and thanks for sending me these generous goodies from Pearlie White - Advance Whitening Fluoride Toothpaste, Blanc Perfect Professional Whitening Advance Whitening Fluoride Toothpaste, Fluorinze Anti-Bacterial Fluoride Mouth Rinse. It helps to remove tooth stains when brushing of of teeth, prevents tooth decay and strengthens tooth enamel. Lastly, it also helps to fight plaque forming bacteria.

Pearlie White is entirely and exclusively manufactured in Singapore, and contains no harsh or strong chemical ingredients. It delivers the best results while retaining an affordable price.

Apart from the usual and essential items for oral care, they also gave me a pocket-sized FlossCare and Tooth Enamel Protect Toothbrush!

I did my root canal last year, and now I take extra care of my teeth, especially on the previously effected tooth. I started to rinse my mouth more regularly and I now use a toothbrush with gentle bristles.


I also have a problem with stained teeth, and I recalled my conversation with the dentist once whereby I was told yellow teeth is pretty normal for people who take coffee/tea regularly. Seeing as I am a coffee/tea lover, I was quite happy to see significant results after a week of usage. My teeth look whiter and cleaner!


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I started using the skincare products from CNP Laboratory a couple of weeks ago, and this is my first time trying out their products.


CNP Laboratory is one of the world's top-selling cosmeceutical brands, with award-winning, derm-approved skincare products for every step of your routine. I’ve incorporated the items above into my daily skincare regime as basic care.

 For a more thorough exfoliation, you can go for the Invisible Peeling Booster. Unlike conventional exfoliants, this is gentle to the skin, even so for sensitive/acne-prone skin types.


No rinsing is required either, which certainly helps shave a few precious minutes off your beauty routine. This peeling effect will not harm the skin but in fact, it provides moisture while reducing redness from inflammation. 

What I love most is the Vita-B Energy Ampule and cherry blossom water which has been added for giving extra moisture. Just like the color of the bottle, it will provide a healthier, fairer skin with a pinkish glow!

The Vita-B Energy Gel Cream is a pink colored gel cream containing brightening effect to improve uneven skin tones. I love that lightweight gel form to relieve and soothe any skin irritations and provide instant vitality to the skin! It absorbed pretty well and leaves no sticky feeling after application.


Overall, the products I tried and tested are effective solutions for people who like for whitening products. If you have other skin concerns, fret not, CNP Laboratory has several derma skincare lines for different skin types!


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