Weekend Brunch at Café de Nicole’s Flower + Product review from ‘FairPrice House-brand Food Essentials'


 My mommy got me a packet of masks that has a Disney Bear (Duffy and Friends) print!

Lately, I saw many beautiful photos from IG featuring Café De Nicole's Flowers, and this quaint café is located along Telok Kurau Road. It has a floral-themed Café with an insta-worthy interior setting.

Coincidently, Baby and I needed to run some errands at the management office at our new house-to-be, we decided to make use of the journey there to drive down to the café for brunch, since we were already at the eastern side of Singapore. I was also rather curious about this floral-themed café!

We arrived at about 12pm-ish, and we were rather lucky to be able to get a High-Table! I guess we couldn't really complain since the café was quite packed.

 The café was originally a florist shop called 'Nicole's Flowers', which explains why there was such a strong floral scent upon entering the eatery place! I must say that the cafe's dining space was elegantly furnished with twinkling chandeliers to provide a classy yet relaxed vibe. Every part of the café is instagrammable. Thumbs up!

We enjoyed our meal at Café De Nicole’s Flower, as the ambiance was great. It is not just another pretty or insta-worthy café, the food is great too! It is definitely worth travelling to, even if you are not staying at the eastern side of Singapore.

I reckon I will be back soon for their desserts. I am happy to be moving back again to the eastside of Singapore soon!

I was happy to do another round of product review. This time, I was given the 'FairPrice House-brand Food Essentials'. It's quite elating to be introduced to the various products from our homegrown brand! Thanks 'Try and Review' for the arrangement!

FairPrice offers the freshest nuts and other groceries for our daily needs, but this particular combination caught my attention. Cashews and Almond nuts are always one of my favorite combinations! The nuts are well-packed.


I love snacking on nuts, as it contains a better nutrition value as compared to other snacks. What I love most is that it is lower in sodium and is cholesterol free. It is definitely a healthy on-the-go snack! Lastly, thanks for sending the product over and for the wonderful try-out! 

I end my post with my usual dinner place with my Baby. I re-visited Soi 47 Thai Food which is located at King George Road on a random weekday after work!


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