1st-Monthsary celebration of Moving Day at British Hainan Restaurant

Cheers to our 1-Monthsary on our moving house day! We decided to have a mini celebration for just the 2 of us at the 'British-Hainan' Restaurant which has a branch along Kallang Way, located within an office building called the 'Performance Building'.

We started off on our meal with a plate of Hainanese Ngoh Hiang which turned out to be a highlight of the dinner! They were freshly fried, and the minced pork was well-seasoned. They went so well with the accompanying sambal belachan too!

The Hainanese Oxtail Stew was delicious! The meat was so tender that it just fell off the bone at a touch! The gravy was also thick and full of flavor! 


The dish came with some pieces of Baguette, and I loved dipping them into the gravy. The bread was crispy on the outside but fluffy and warm on the inside, and was a perfect accompaniment!

  It was a humble homely place that serves great food, but most importantly it wasn't very crowded even during dinner time!

Recently, I just framed up my guests’ signatory poster during my wedding solemnization at The Fullerton Bay Hotel.

Finally, I displayed my collections of the Giant Bubblegum Tofu figures from DEVILROBOTS and Molly X Tofu figurines too. Lastly, I placed my wedding bears from The Fullerton Bay Hotel on top of my mounted television.

I got a request from my Baby, and therefore I made some jellies over the weekend. I added some Osmanthus buds to enhance the jellies with a floral aroma, and I am glad that he enjoyed them. Perhaps I shall make more jellies with other flavors, so do stay tuned!

Lately, I picked up a quirky sling bag which looks like a F&B takeaway paper bag at a first glance. It is pretty roomy enough to store my essentials. It comes with adjustable rope straps that allowed me to wear it as a cross body bag or as a over the shoulder sling bag!

I love the bag's roll down to close and roll up to open function! It looks like a real paper bag, but most importantly, it is waterproof despite having the appearance of one! I paid around SGD15-ish with free shipping from Lazada 7.7 Sales.

I end my post with my favorite snack from Chef Hong - Old Airport Road Food Centre.


This bag from Starbucks looks funny.

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