My COVID-19 Vaccination Journey + Cafe-hopping : Builders Café

Due to the COVID situation becoming serious, I quickly scheduled my dates and timeslots for both doses of vaccination at the same time without any hesitation when I received the invitation from MOH to do so! In a period of 8 weeks, I expect to be fully vaccinated!

To be honest, I was hesitating on which of the two vaccines available I should choose. My parents opted for Pfizer and they had minimum to no side effects. This was kinda a big push factor for me, but Pfizer is not available within my neighborhood though, therefore my Baby read on some articles and told me that I should consider Moderna instead. Out of convenience, and with the read-up information, I decided on Moderna. The vaccination centre is located within my neighborhood.


My 1st Dose of Moderna Vaccine on Saturday morning

I arrived earlier around 940am as my time-slot was at 1030am. Do remember to have a full meal before the vaccination. I was asked to present the SMS from MOH which indicated the date of my vaccination. I was then ushered in to take my queue number. When my number was being called, I proceeded to the counter to do up the final registration before heading to the vaccination room to receive my shot!


The shot was very fast, literally within 5 seconds, I was done! I was lead to the observation area for a 30-minute waiting time period to ensure no abnormalities after the injection. After 30 minutes later, I was released from the vaccination centre and was issued the COVID-19 Vaccination Card for my next appointment (2nd dose).


Overall, it took less than 60minutes to get my 1st dose of the vaccination done! The injection area ached for about 2 days, but I had no fever. I did feel a bit of fatigue and dryness in my throat, but it was manageable. Thankfully, the aching disappeared on the following Monday!


My 2nd Dose of Moderna Vaccine on Saturday morning

I came back to the vaccination centre for my second dose of the Moderna after 8 weeks later. I heard that there were more severe side effects to be expected from the 2nd dose, and I mentally prepared myself for it.


I bought a box of Panadol as a precautionary measure. I drank coconut water, and drank lots of water before the jab day. For my second vaccination, I booked the same time slot at 1030am as my first dose. I came earlier at 945am instead and I went through the same procedure which I did before. I received my shot at 10am, and was released at around 1030am without experiencing any abnormalities.


I received a box of 3-ply disposable face mask and a bottle of sanitizer (500ml) upon leaving the centre.

I was told that a digital copy of the Covid-19 Vaccination Report will be available on Health Hub App after 14 days. The TraceTogether App will also take effect after 2 weeks later too!

Lastly, Baby and I had our lunch at Builders Café which is located at a quiet neighborhood area of Sims Place before heading home from my vaccine. It is a quaint and cozy café with limited seating capacity.

I had the Italian Sausage Pasta, and the penne was coated with think tomato sauce with generous serving of Italian sausages. It is packed with flavors and I enjoyed every bit of it!

Baby had the Seafood Pasta, and the angel hair pasta absorbed all the goodness from the garlicky sauce, and it came with huge prawns and a generous portion of clams. The damage was less than SGD40, which includes a cup of hot tea. I will definitely come back soon, since it is within close proximity to where I am now staying!

For the first 6-8 hours, I felt alright except for the aching-ness on the injection area. The aching got worse towards the end of the day, and I felt my body was pretty hot but I was not having a fever at all. Therefore, I drank lots of water, and I took a tablet to relieve my body heat before bed. I felt much better the next day and the tiredness was lesser. I discovered that my arm developed some rashes around the injection area. It felt pretty warm whenever I placed my palm on my arm. Overall, I think everything has gone okay for me, as the aching went off within a few days! Oh well, I guess the vaccine is working fine on me. 


That concludes my COVID-19 Vaccination journey. Do play your part and get vaccinated as soon as you get your opportunity, and also wear a mask whenever you are out from your premises!


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