[new outlet] New World Carnival at 313@somerset

After a successful flagship outlet opening at Marina Square last year, New World Carnival has opened another outlet at 313@somerset which is located on the 3rd floor.

The highlights of New World Carnival are the VR games that are on offer. There are quite a number of selections of VR games available at the new outlet which featured horror, racing, shooting and an escape room theme! Gameplay in the Virtual Room is unbelievably realistic and immersive, thanks to the use of high-end devices

At New World Carnival, you can have teams of up to five people in one VR gameplay. It is a great bonding experience!

Here we are being a Super Ninja duo in virtual reality style at New World Carnival latest outlet at 313@somerset.

New World Carnival blends the old school arcade concept with a full 3D cinematic experience, and this delivers an immersive and mind-blowing adventure! It can be played in groups of 2 or more, where you will find, where you will find yourself in a virtual world where you have to use the weapon you are holding to protect yourself from being attacked by enemies!

Our avatars during our Super Ninja VR Game!

We managed to conquer Viking Craft, Super Ninja and even the Haunted Room, as the kid friendly version is suitable for kids and is not scary at all. The graphics were quite good and very cute!

NOTE:- Please ensure with the staff that you want the cute version, and not the original horror version which looks extremely scary! Scary level for the cute version = 0

If you are looking for some interesting board games with some of your besties, with friendly staff, a wide selection of games and a menu of food items, you should definitely check out their newly opened outlet.

Although New World Carnival is well-known as a virtual reality arcade, the 313@somerset outlet bears a different concept from the Marina Square outlet. Besides being a virtual reality arcade, it offers a co-working space, for both work and play all under one roof.

Both Baby and I played a local card game - ‘Kopi King’, and it is pretty addictive and fun!

I love the lounge area where you can have all-day access to their wide variety of board games selection. I used to play board games, before video games became the rage. Having visited this new outlet did give me a new passion for trying board games again! It is a nice place for family bonding, gathering with friends and even for dates!

Lastly, thanks New World Carnival for the launch invite, and now you save some money by using my code below to purchase your VR credits.


Promo Code: Use 'nwcxdipmecocoa10' for 10% off VR credits from New World Carnival at 313@somerset. The promo code is only valid till 27 July 2021.

New World Carnival

313 Orchard Rd, #03-31, 313@Somerset Singapore 238895



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