[random-ness] Throwback to no dine-out days

I miss sushi, can’t wait to dine out soon!

Our delicious take out dinner from Takashimaya on a random Friday after work. We totally love it very much!

Working from home is still the default option. Recently I am so into group buys, and I picked up a packet of mantou with sweet assorted filing and each mantou feature a cute cartoon character!

For my daily breakfast on weekdays, I usually will eat something simple that requires steaming, such as Lor Mai Gai, Siew Mai or BBQ buns.

Baby made use of leftover rice from a recent dinner to make Japanese Curry Rice for our lunch. He added some potatoes, carrots and meat patties. It tasted as delicious as it looked! Thanks Baby for taking his time to cook for us!

Finally, no more eating/dabao-ing at home! I had my first dine-out at Sushiro after 5 weeks of dabao'ing! I am relieved that 2 diners are now allowed which is obviously better than none. Both Baby and I are food lovers, and we can continue our late night food hunt at our new neighbourhood.


Our damage was SGD47-ish! Thanks Baby for the meal, as my craving was fulfilled.

On a random Saturday evening, we went to a coffee-shop at Kelantan Road to have a Vietnamese fix! We enjoyed the  Pho Bo and Cha Gio. I love the Vietnamese Fried Spring Rolls/Cha Gio very much. The damage was SGD17, and it was a great meal indeed!

We got 2 limited edition Hello Kitty Career Plates which featured ‘Office Worker’ and ‘E-Gamer’. I love the plates as it followed the shape of the Hello Kitty’s head.

I recently got a little visitor to my new home premises, and this was her first time playing in the pool! We were glad that she was not afraid of the water and that she actually enjoyed herself very much in the swimming pool!

Recently, I did a purchase under the 'Teban group buy’, and I got some Pandan Chicken bites! Each piece of the tender chicken was wrapped with fresh pandan leaves and was well marinated. They went well with the Thai Chili sauce!


Both Baby and I love it very much, and I will definitely order them again. Thumbs up!

I end my post with some Thai food, as I really miss the food and the shopping in Bangkok, Thailand. When can we really travel out again? We had our dinner at a Thai Restaurant which is located at Geylang East neighborhood as a consolation of sorts to us!


OMG. This buns are soo cute.

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