[particlub] March & June edition of Partibox

Before I blog about June’s edition of my Partibox subscription, I want to start off first on my backdated March's edition! YESSSSSSS, I've moved into my new place and I've several unsorted storage boxes, hence the delay.


Luxurious Hand Towel and facial tissues from PASEO

Intensive Anti-Spot Essence by MELANO CC 

It absorbs deeply into the skin to lighten dark spots. The Melano CC Intensive Anti-Spot can also help fight aging effectively, tighten the pores and help the skin remain vibrant and youthful.

Now back to this month's edition (June) of my Partibox subscription. These were definitely useful, especially during the recent period of where dining out was prohibited. I could whip up some simple meals for me and my family! Let me share with you on what there is for June’s edition!

Do you dare to dream with H-TWO-O? The ultimate original isotonic drink with sparkling goodness. It is perfect for sunny weather, and it is healthier choice certified with lower sugar! 

I also received a trial set from Beyond Sun Protection by Crystal Tomato.

Delicious ready-to-cook sauce packs by Woh Hup! They are packed with fresh ingredients and contain no artificial colorings and trans fat. These will definitely help me in preparing meals for my family on weekends or weekdays after work! I became a super home cook in just 3 simple steps! 

With the Woh Hup ready-to-cook sauce pack, we can enjoy a bowl of authentic Asian Laksa without leaving our home. 

I was kind of disappointed that there was no extra 'Partimerch' for this month's edition. Nevertheless, waiting for a better and more interesting one on the next edition!


This summarizes all the goodies that I received from the June Edition from Particlub! I am now so looking forward to the next edition! Do stay tuned, as I will share again on the box's content on my space!

The SmartChoice Pine Disinfectant is doing a great job for me! 

This disinfectant is great as it really gives a good clean feeling to my house after using it, and the pine fragrance is well balanced and not too overpowering! It’s also a great grease and dirt remover, and I generally use this now whenever I clean my house, especially for surfaces and even for things such as toys! I normally dilute the disinfectant with water for mopping of the floor, but one can even add a small amount into a spray bottle for a convenient disinfectant spray for any multi-purpose cleaning! These can range from door handles to even my balcony chairs! Do note that if you are using this product, you should let the disinfectant solution air-dry by itself without wiping over after any cleaning is done in order to let the disinfectant work fully!

Lastly, my all-time favorite drink from Machi, and I am glad it is within walking distance from my office. I got it during lunch time with my lunch kakis, and we enjoyed it very much!

I end my post with a lovely jelly cake from my kid brother who got this for my dad as part of the Father’s Day celebration!


This jelly cake looks very delicious.

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