Café-hopping - Hvala + Oh Deli

After the café-hopping session to Hvala with Meryl, I decided to bring Baby to this café to try out their desserts.

Upon entering the café, we were directed to the Tatami Mat area, which Baby was quite impressed by. It made him feel as if he was back in Japan again!

We ordered the Matcha Mochi with Japanese Black Sugar, and it was the perfect dessert for mochi lovers. I love the softness of the mochi, and the black sugar made everything sweeter, but not overly sweet. We love this light dessert!

Hvala also offers high quality tea leaves, so we went for their hot brews!

Lastly, we also ordered the Sweet Potato Tart, and it tasted pretty delicious.

The total damage was SGD30-ish, and we had a great time there by spending quality time together. Thanks Baby for making my everyday a blessed and cheery one! I am glad to have you in my life! Happy Valentine's Day

Thanks Meryl for the lovely Valentine's gift, and we love the drink float from Starbucks!

We made our way to Suntec City for lunch from our workplace, Gateway East, and we decided to visit Tendon Kohaku which is located at level 3 of Suntec City’s Sky Garden - 'Eat at Seven'. I remember that way back in 2016, the restaurant was always full when it first opened, and the long queues were very common. However, the crowds now have been significantly reduced due to the pandemic situation, especially since many companies have chosen to WFH.

The main course cost me SGD17+, but it is still good value for money. Most importantly, there's no long queues! I will definitely come back again, as I really truly love their Ten-Don very much!

If you’re big fan of gourmet sausages stuffed with herbs and juicy meat like me, then you should not miss out on visiting 'Oh Deli'. It is located at East Coast Road, and is a super spot which is perfect for dining in or for shopping for fresh meat to take home!


I had this Sausage Platter with fresh and yummy accompanying salad. The sausages were freshly made, and I really love their juicy sausages!

Baby enjoyed his Honey Mustard Pork Chop, and it tasted awesomely delicious. The meat is fresh with no gamey taste or smell!


We shared the soup of the day - Mushroom SoupApart from having our lunch, we also bought some smoked ham and gourmet sausages for our own home prepared meals!


So if you’re looking for a one-stop gourmet food shop then Oh Deli is your perfect choice!

It has been a super-super long hiatus since we last met up each other, and we finally re-connected after 4 years later! Claressa introduced me to this hawker stall - Annyeong Chicken which offers authentic and affordable Korean food. It is located at Geylang East Central, and the authentic Korean dishes were made by a Korean chef. It is definitely a heartland gem for everyone!


We ordered the Army Stew, Jajangmyeon and Seafood Pancake to share between us

We enjoyed the food very much, and both Baby and I will definitely come back to try out more dishes prepared by the real Korean chef soon!

This year, Baby & I concluded our 元宵, which is the last day of the CNY at Dian Xiao Er - City Square Mall for our mini dinner celebration, mainly because we missed the Herbal Roasted Duck very much.


We skipped the Yu Sheng session, as I felt that the experience of 捞鱼生 became meaningless when we no longer can do it loud and with the mask-on which totally ruins the mood and significance of CNY.

Moving forward, we had our all-time favorite - Signature Angelica Herbs Roasted Duck. It tasted awesome-ly good and the herbal gravy was flavorful which enhanced the duck meat even better.

We ordered the Beancurd with Melon Gourd, which was pretty tasty as a whole! We had a fulfilling dinner with excellent food and efficient service from Dian Xiao Er!

I end my post with some photos taken at the Helix Bridge!


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