CNY visit at East Coast Residences + Keljessloft's home-prepared Claypot Chicken Rice

To usher in this Year of the Tiger, we picked up a potted plant for good luck, and I also made an appointment with my regular hairstylist for a haircut.

I felt fresher after the haircut. Many thanks to Shinya-san for the nice haircut! 

A lovely day-out with KaeGirl! We went to the National Museum of Singapore for an Otah & Friends Excursion!

We prepared a simple breakfast on Day 01 of the CNY. We picked up this lucky Sweet Bao Set from Teban Group-buy, and this set cost SGD10.

During CNY's period, Baby's good friend Nick Allen and his wifey, SW invited us to his place for dinner. They had just moved into their new place at the East Coast Residences. This dinner served as a mini house-warming and CNY's meet up! 

Wow! I love their spacious patio/balcony, and the way they had decorated it made it a perfect laid-back retreat after a hard day's work!

I played with their 1 year old plus daughter, and I am glad that she loves being with us!

We had a heart-warming and delicious Burger & Sausages dinner which was prepared by Nick himself!

I had fun with their fur-kids - Li Bai and Monday (Monsie)! They are so cute and obedient. Lastly, thanks for having us!

Baby recently experimented with a Claypot Chicken Rice recipe he had found online, and he decided to execute this dish out by using the Rice Cooker. We had it as our dinner on a random day. The main ingredients are Chicken Thigh Meat, Chinese Mushroom, Chinese Sausages and Xiao Bai Cai. Apart from these 4 key ingredients, you also need - leeks/spring onions and a self-prepared drizzling sauce.

Marinate the meat with Salt, Corn Flour, Sesame Oil, Dark Soy Sauce, Chinese Wine and Pepper. To make the Drizzling Sauce - 1tbsp of Oyster Sauce, 1tbsp of Sesame Oil, 1tbsp of Dark Soy Sauce and 4tbsp of Boiled Water.

Garnish the finished dish with the green part of the leek and drizzle the sauce over the cooked rice. 

Are you ready to dig in with us? Thanks for cooking, Baby!

I end my post with my delicious Lor Mee from Xin Mei Xiang Lor Mee 新美香卤面. We went to the Balestier outlet instead, as the original store at the Old Airport Food Centre is closed until further notice due to upgrading works.

I love the gravy as this is the key element in a good Lor Mee. It is thick and flavorful, and I really love this bowl of Lor Mee to the max!


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