Products review from Fei Fah & Ripple + SkyMilk Lotion

I was happy to be selected by '0.8L Singapore' to do a review and they sent me a bottle of SkyMilk Lotion.

This hypoallergenic moisturizing SkyMilk Lotion offers hydration for all skin types, even for a Baby’s delicate skin. It is non greasy and pleasantly fragranced. It is gentle and protects skin against dryness. The SkyMilk Lotion literally absorbed rapidly into my skin! No feeling of stickiness at all!

I love the mild fragrance very much! Lastly, thanks for sending the product over!

I was given a can of Colostrum Milk, Goat's milk, a box of Mate Tea and 2 bottles of Electric Medibalm for my reviews, and I was happy to be given the opportunity for the collaboration.

The Mate Tea from RIPPLE was such a comforting health drink for me while working from home. It originates from Argentina with natural premium quality tea leaves that have a high nutritional value.

It is also rich in vitamins which promote physical and mental well-being. This healthy tea also strengthens immunity, digestion and improves blood circulation. I like to drink it warm with a little honey added. To me, having a healthy lifestyle is important, and I regard having tea as an essential drink. The Mate Tea helps to improve the quality of my sleep. I feel that my stomach feels healthier after constant days of consumption.

I was glad to be introduced to this wellness product - Electric Medibalm from FEI FAH Singapore recently. It's now part of my 'Holy Grail' of wellness!

I applied it a few days ago to soothe my sore shoulders and insect bites. I was impressed on how effective it was to relieve my woes. It offers a cooling menthol sensation after application. As per the description, it helps on sprains and bruises too.

I also have a warm cup of Colostrum Milk from RIPPLE every morning. It helps to strengthen my immunity and my bones, as well as to keep my cardiovascular system in optimal condition. This milk powder originates from New Zealand, and I enjoy this mildly sweet Colostrum Milk very much.

Interested to pamper your wellness with FEI FAH products? This is now your chance! In collaboration with FEI FAH, you can now enjoy a 50% discount off if you use my promo code (FEIFAH16) when you order the products from the shopping link.


Happy shopping, and experience the products from FEI FAH for yourself today!


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