product review - Fairprice Extra Virgin Olive Oil + A visit to Banh Mi Thit by Star Baguette

Olive oil is my all-time favorite cooking oil, as it is aromatic, flavorful, and good for me and my family!

This bottle of FairPrice Extra Virgin Olive Oil is of high-quality and which is also value for money. It fits almost every occasion! What’s most important is that it is - 100% FREE OF TRANSFAT!

It has a fine and smooth texture and it has a bittersweet aftertaste, but is not too overly aggressively. I season my salads with the olive oil, and I dip my bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

The glass bottle is slightly tinted, as to protect the olive oil from exposure to sunlight. It is sold in 1L, and ideally it should be stored in your pantry or inside a kitchen cabinet once opened.

Fairprice Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a balanced olive oil that definitely has a place in your home cooking. If you’re looking for an authentic olive oil taste and yet is value for money, this bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil is definitely the right choice!

Baby is the sweetest hubby, as he been preparing dinner for us when he WFH. He whipped up some simple dishes for dinner such as Japanese Curry over Rice with Carrots, Potatoes, Baby Corns & Sausages and Japanese Scallops Butter Rice.

He also prepared Chawanmushi to go along with one of our meals. This was his first attempt, though the presentation was not nice, the taste was pretty awesome!

On weekends, we have cut down on dining out activities lately, and have done more home-cooking instead! Baby wanted to practice his stir-fried skill, so he went to supermarket to buy the ingredients he needed to make that dish. In total, he used 8 different ingredients to make this dish, and the ingredients are button mushroom, carrots, scallops, fish cake, red capsicum, green capsicum and baby corns and sweet green podded peas.

We had it with our white basmati rice, and it tasted delicious. Baby, please cook again, I love it!

If you are a fan of Vietnamese food, then you'll probably know banh mi is a staple and iconic food in Vietnam. It is cheap, tasty and nostalgic, which can be found in almost every corner in Vietnam. Banh Mi can easily cost SGD8-10 in Singapore. 

There is one well-rated store which is located along Geylang Road is offering the cheapest yet high quality Banh Mi which is offering the cheapest yet highest quality Banh Mi. Banh Mi Thit by Star Baguette specializes only in authentic Vietnamese Banh Mi. The owners keep costs low as everything is done in-house.

At Banh Mi Thit, there are only 6 types of Banh Mi — beef, chicken, ham, pork, egg and pate. The Banh Mi here is really affordable. Each Banh Mi only costs SGD5.00, and we had ours take-away due to the lack of seating in the store. The wait time given to us was 20 minutes.  

I had Pork Banh Mi, and though the portion of meat in each Banh Mi may not be generous, each Banh Mi is still quite filling. What I really like was the freshly baked baguette! It was light and crispy.

New addition to our balcony! Baby and I picked up a pot of Portulaca molokiniensis, also known as ihi from Geylang East Market for an affordable price of SGD15. 


This photo was taken on the 05/Feb when we first got it from the market.


After reading more about it online,  discovered that it is a succulent plant endemic to Hawaii, and it is federally listed as an endangered species. The photo below was taken on the 27/02, and see how much it has grown. Keep it up, ihi!

My craze for group-buy is still going strong, and recently I got these cute pizzas from Teban Group Buy. It costs me SGD10 for 6 cute mini pizzas.

I also picked up a pack of 6pc pancakes (hotcakes) from Keat Hong Group Buy, and it costs me SGD3.50. Both Baby and I had them for breakfast. They went along with Azuki Bean Paste and and Maple Syrup, what a sweet brekkie on a Sunday morning!

I end my post with my recent visit to New Ubin Seafood which located at CHIJMES.



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