January's & February's Partibox + Kinnari Thai Cuisine + CNY visit at Teban View

Baby and I spent some quality time together at Canton Paradise for a weekend Dim Sum Brunch at the Marina Bay Sands outlet. We love this eatery place as it serves quality dim sum.

As usual, we started off with Boat Style Congee, and we loved this Cantonese styled Congee very much.

The Chee Cheong Fun with Shrimp was one of our dim sum staples.

Although the damage was pretty hefty, I think it was worth as the quality was really good.

The Lee Family organized a gathering on the twelfth day of CNY at their place, Teban View. They invited us for a night of fun and laughter, and of course, to indulge ourselves with a hearty Army Stew feast!

Before dinner, we created a cute tiger and followed this up with the traditional tossing of 'Lo Hei' as well! As they say, the higher the toss, the better! Come on everybody, HUAT AR!!!

With the help of a standee aid, we had a perfect picture taken! May all of us be blessed in everything we do in 2022! Thanks so much Chewy & Ryden for inviting us for the wonderful Army Stew and Korean-style Yu Sheng! It was very kind of you both to hold this at your place, and we appreciated the hospitality greatly.

This is a combination of January's and February's Partibox by Particlub. I am still pretty happy with my subscription with Particlub. I feel a great sense of anticipation and excitement every time I am about to receive my box!


Let me share with you guys on my latest Partibox and the goodies that were delivered to me!

Have a timely boost with H-TWO-O which is available in both cans and bottles. It's the ultimate original isotonic drink with sparkling goodness and it is perfect for sunny weather. It's the healthier choice and is certified with no sugar added!

The CNY Gift Set from SCS Dairy consisted of a bottle of Pineapple Tarts and Original Butter Cookies! It will come in handy when I have guests visiting my place!

I love to snack in-between working hours, hence these Poppadoms snacks from Uncle Saba’s are perfect! The flavors I received included Barbecue and Original. Apart from the Poppadoms snacks, I also received healthy Dark Mint Snackaballs from TOM & LUKE - Made in New Zealand.

Lastly, I also receive hair dye from EZN Shaking Hair Color (Budapest Deep Black), and I will pass it to my mommy to try it.

TaoKaeNoi Seaweed Flakes are great for rice bowls and dry noodles! I love to top my meals with delicious toppings such as Seaweed Flakes, and the flavors I received included a box of Original Sesame Flakes and Thai Chili Shrimp Paste.

I am obsessed with seasoning furikake, as it is a condiment that enhances instant flavor to our meals. There are many types of seasoning furikake in the market, and I was glad that I was introduced to TaoKaeNoi Seaweed Flakes. They are made with high quality seaweed from Korea.

I added the seaweed flakes to my plate of Fusilli pasta, and what I like most is the crispy seaweed flakes which offer a better chewing experience.

This month’s Partimerch - red packets for CNY again, just like last year! I hope I can get something different next year!


That summarizes all the goodies that I got for my January & February edition from Particlub! Do stay tuned, as I will share on the box's content on my space again!

Both Baby and I love Thai food, and we are consistently trying to find new eatery places that serve authentic Thai fare. We really miss our BKK & PKT holidays. Recently, I discovered Kinnari Thai Cuisine by chance and it's located at Joo Chiat Road. It offers a wide selection of authentic Thai Cuisine.

We love their Stir-fried Greenies with Egg and Prawn Cake!

It is definitely a real hidden gem in the east which serves really authentic Thai dishes, but the prices were pretty on the high side! Fret not, as their yummy food will make up for the damage.

Like I always said, though travelling is now possible, it is still quite a hassle. Hence we’re glad to be able to taste authentic Thai cuisine right here without leaving Singapore. I hope this is a small compensation for better things to come soon, as I really miss travelling!

Lastly, thanks Baby for preparing this home-assembled sandwich for breakfast. I packed it, and brought it to the office to eat while working. I feel blessed and loved!


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