[food review] Introduce Thai dishes to Citrus by the Pool's menu

3 years ago, I was invited to Citrus by the Pool for a food tasting session, and 3 years later, I was back here again for another round of food tasting session! It is a Halal certified café that is located right beside Woodlands Swimming Complex, and the café offers a variety of Western and Thai Asian fusion cuisine. 

Upon stepping into the premises, we were attracted by the main entrance of the café, and we couldn’t resist taking photos against the background.

We had another round of double date, and it was all thanks to Tracy and Ericia for extending the tasting invite to me and my Hubby - Kel.

Citrus by the Pool is a great eatery place for you to bring your family and friends to for a scrumptious feast. Recently, they have introduced Thai dishes into their menu.


We started our tasting with some classic drinks such as Lemongrass Tea and Cranberry Apple Tea.

For a nostalgic experience, you can opt for the A&W Rootbeer Float!

We shared a wonderful appetizer - Thai Mango Salad (Som Tum) which tasted pretty good. The green mango slices were drenched with sweet and sour sauce which really perked up my appetite!

We tried the Thai Basil Chicken (Krapow Gai) and it tasted awesome! It complimented very well with white rice, and was a very delicious combination.

The Honey Garlic Fried Chicken reminds me of a similar item that can be found at any Korean restaurant. I love this ‘Korean-Thai fusion’ dish very much.

We had the Tom Yum Koong which was loved by the trio of us (YX, Baby and I)!  The seafood and ingredients within the soup were very generous as well, and the soup tasted REALLY flavorful and spicy, but it was rounded off with a well-balanced taste of sourness!

We had Phad Thai, where I found the noodles were delicious, but the dish was a tad too wet for my liking. I remembered having a drier version in Bangkok, Thailand. It was really good value for money on a whole as the portion was pretty generous!

My favorite dish during the entire food tasting was the Thai Crispy Fish. The spicy gravy enhanced the flavor of the crispy fish, and I couldn't stop helping myself to more servings of the tender fish meat.

We ended our session with their Speculoos Croffles and the Chocolate Croffles. The desserts were perfect for an after-meal indulgence, as the portion was not too large.

Both Baby and I loved the lightly-sweet Speculoos Croffles while Tracy and YX preferred the richer Chocolate Croffles. We definitely enjoyed our Croffles - croissants that are shaped into waffles!

Interested to visit Citrus by the Pool to try out their new Thai food selections, or to indulge in their all-time favorites Western Delights? Or perhaps you just wish to have a lovely couple's date or a chill gathering with your good friends? Do pop by soon!

Check them out on their Official Website and do follow them on Facebook as well as Instagram too!



3 Woodlands Street 13, Woodlands Swimming Complex, Singapore 738600

Phone: 6366 6581


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