[random] Home-cooked food + Shopping via Shopee + Sushiro's Dakkozushi Goods Redemption

My sweetest hubby is cooking for us again....

Recently he prepared Steamed Rice with Beef Hayashi and air-fried some Fish Fingers. He also opened up a can of Corn Soup. We enjoyed spending quality time with each other at home!

We saw a recipe from YouTube, so Baby decided to execute it for our dinner. He cooked 蚂蚁上树 (Ants climbing a tree) which is a classic Sichuan dish consisting of glass noodles in Spicy Bean Paste with minced pork. However we used Shabu Shabu instead! It tasted pretty good, and both of us love it very much. Baby said he will cook it for us again! 

We added Borscht Soup as part of our dinner! Thanks for the dinner, Baby!

I love Shopee, and I picked up a causal Printed Loose Chiffon Cardigan. It cost only SGD4.90, and it looks stylish. What I love most about it is that it went well with most of my casual wears. I really love it, what a steal!

Apart from the cardigan, I also picked up a leather belt! It cost me only SGD2.50 and I love it very much!

I finally completed 24 stamps on the Sushiro Reward Card for Dakkozushi Goods Redemption after 2 years. It was quite difficult as I started this in 2020, which coincided with the pandemic period. As everyone is aware, dining in during this duration was restricted.


I redeemed the final Premium Dakkozushi Good which was a huggable life sized Dakkozushi Tuna Plush Toy!

I restarted a new card for my latest visit to Sushiro, and I will definitely continue to be a patron of Sushiro in order to get more stamps so as to redeem my favorite Dakkozushi Goods!

Lastly, I end my post with this home-assembled Club Sandwich prepared by my Baby, and it was for my lunch while WFH. I feel blessed and loved!



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