Wednesday, February 26, 2014

AXN’s ‘Sherlock’ TV Series Marathon

AXN together with Shaw Organization and Power 98 FM organized a special Sherlock Screening  Marathon at the Shaw Theatres Lido.

 The 13-hour event included the six episodes of the first two seasons of Sherlock and culminated in the latest season 3's premiere instalment on the big screen in one seating and completing the entire viewing experience was a free lunch, tea break, dinner which were provided. Popcorn ad drinks were free flow throughout the event. There was an added bonus to stand a chance to win attractive prizes worth up to SGD3500.

I was part of the Sherlock Marathon Screening all thanks to William who extended his invitation to me...

I was pretty surprised to see such a big crowd on a beautiful Sunday morning. 

The world's greatest consulting detective is now set for his most anticipated return across the Asia this February in AXN.

Sherlock Holmes (played by British star, Benedict Cumberbatch) is back after 'dying' from the plunge off London's St. Bartholomew's hospital two years back. Sherlock was revealed to be alive at the end of season 2, but left his crime-solving partner, Dr John Watson (starring Martin Freeman) inconsolable, and this has kept viewers all over the world buzzing for two years in fevered speculation over how exactly had Sherlock faked his death.

 Launched first in Asia in 1997, AXN has become an international channel brand that is one seen globally including in Latin America and Europe. AXN is now available in high definition (HD).

We took some pictures with giant standees during our 30mins meal break.

The third series (season 3) has become the UK's most watched drama series.

Character Impersonators were also there to grace the event too, and we took photos with them.  

To find out how Sherlock returns from the 'dead' to reunite with John, remember to catch the latest season of Sherlock on AXN.
 Sherlock Season 3 premieres on 27 February 2014
Airing on every Thursday at 10pm (SG, MY) / 9pm (JKT)
First and exclusively on AXN

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